OOTD BY MRS.A | Plains and Camouflage

By Athina Angliongto - 8:15:00 PM

First of all... Hi guys! welcome to my new fashion and beauty blog :)
I have finally decided to separate my fashion and beauty posts from my other BLOG and got myself a domain (thanks Ms. Ria for the help) which I have wanted for the longest time.

So for my first post, here's today's OOTD

What I wore: Royal Blue Top + Camouflage Jogger Pants
So usually, camouflage ensembles are paired with a plain white or black shirt. But I wanted to try something new today. I went a little bolder and opted to pick one of my fave royal blue tops to wear with my camou joggers. I wanted to see how the two mixed and if it was a "yay" or a "nay"
I wanted to dress down so I chose to wear my

strappy slippers instead of getting my dirty white sneaks from the shoe closet. I also wanted to add a gold necklace to match with the top but I thought it was already too much.
As I was looking at the pictures my husband, Mr. A, took of me, I could say that this outfit is a bit of a "YAY". Not to be biased or anything but pairing royal blue with the camou plus the slippers was not a bad idea at all! Let me say that this outfit is sort of Sassy Chic meets Tough Gal - which is sooo me!
I'm glad I tried something out of the ordinary. Sorry, but black or white on camou is getting to be a cliche. Good thing I did because it worked!
Can't wait to try and make bolder ootds soon. Hope to get my creative fashion juices flowing.

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