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There are just those weekend days wherein I don't feel like going out. Like this particular weekend, I really have to get my nails done because they look tragic already, but I just don't have enough energy to move my behind and go somewhere.
Good thing my grandmother in law has a suki manicurista that is just one text away. Here name is Ate Rowena and she has been doing my grandmother in law's nails for years now. Since I moved in with my husband last year, she has been doing my nails too. I usually get my nails done in a salon near Torres street and that was my plan today, but like I said, the lazy bug bit me today so yeah, Ate Rowena it is. I do, however, still go to that salon every now and then especially if we are in the area.
What I like about home service mani pedi is that the manicurista comes to you and you are being serviced at the comfort of your home - as for me, at the comfort of our living room/kitchen

Ate Rowena also has lots of colors to choose from. It's not as many as those in salons but that's okay. Her colors are also nice as well. If I don't feel any of the colors that she has, I just use my own nail polishes.
As for sanitation purposes, she told me that she sterilizes her paraphernalia so I will take her word for it. Besides, she has loads of clients already and not one has a problem with her so far so yeah, it's safe.
I am one of those who patronize people who do home service work like Ate Rowena because at least I help her earn money from honest living. She only charges 50 pesos each for Manicure and Pedicure. So that's a hundred pesos, plus I give her twenty pesos as tip. Clients like me who patronize workers like her help put food on her family's table.
Next month again, Ate Rowena ;)

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