By Athina Angliongto - 3:21:00 PM

What I wore: Jumpshorts from GMALL Department Store | White Sneakers from SM Department Store | White Bag bought from a friend

There's a funny story behind the purchase of this jumpshorts. It was already closing time at GMALL Department Store when I saw this piece of clothing at the last minute. I almost panicked because all the cashiers were closing as they were already balancing their sales for the day vs their actual cash on hand. So I was like running towards the fitting room and literally wore and checked the outfit if it fit on me like just a minute, then I had to run back to the cashier (which was a few meters away from the fitting room) and I had to BEG the cashier to allow me to purchase the jumpshorts and I even shed a little bit of tear just so they'd say yes. And yeah, they said YES! I had to bring out the cry-baby card for this one. Good thing the jumpshorts really fit! I barely had time to really check on it. It usually takes me like minutesssss to see if the outfit suits me or not. But I guess my mind was really made up on getting this one.
I actually own a lot of jumpshorts. I specifically remember buying a bunch of jumpshorts when Mr. A and I went to Bangkok two years ago. But what I like about this particular jumpshorts that I wore to the CBTL event is that the fabric is so comfortable and it's kind of the cold type of fabric. The ones I bought from Bangkok were not as friendly to the skin as this one.
Why wear jumpshorts? Well, it saves the hassle and energy to pick a top and bottom, separately. This one is all in baby! And that's why I'm a huge fan of jumpshorts, jumpsuits, one-pieces, etc.

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