By Athina Angliongto - 5:25:00 PM

Why the title? Well let me tell you a little story of what happened today. Mr. A and I just got back from my parents’ house when my grandmother in law suddenly told us that we were to have Christmas lunch with her and her sister’s family. Since it was totally short notice, I had not planned on what to wear. I immediately took a bath and decided to just wear the first top and bottoms that I would see in the closet.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the winners

WHAT I WORE: White Cropped Top | Soft Denim Pants bought from my friend | Emerald flats from SM Department Store

I really wanted to dress up since, after all, it is Christmas. But I honestly need the luxury of time, which I unfortunately did not have a while ago. I was, however, lucky enough to randomly pick two outfits that were comfortable to wear. The white top was a good fit since we ate outdoors at Waterfront Insular Hotel and it was freakin' hot! So yeah, wearing white was a big help.
I’m glad I was able to have OOTD photos taken aside the usual RED and GRAY walls.

Not bad for a rush outfit, eh?

Merry Christmas Everybody! – Mr. and Mrs. A

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