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WHAT I WORE: Marks & Spencer Denim Long Sleeved Top | Marks & Spencer Black Leggings | Glitter flat from SM Supermarket

I personally have always loved shopping at Marks and Spencer even before they arrived in Davao City a couple of years ago. Whenever I went to Manila, I always paid a visit to Marks and Spencer and buy a thing or two there, clothing or food. I got this influence from my mom and my aunts who love the brand as well. When Marks and Spencer opened in Davao City, I was probably one of the happiest people.

The outfit that I wore in this OOTD post was, however, not bought from Davao City. This was bought during my first trip to Jakarta back in 2013. My uncle, my aunt and I were shopping in one of the biggest department stores in Jakarta and we passed by Marks and Spencer there. She saw this Denim Top and she thought it looked good on me. So I tried it on and she loved it on me. Aside from this top, she also bought me a while long sleeved top which I have worn several times already but never got a chance to take an OOTD photo of it (I'll save it for next time). So to complete the outfit, she bought me two pairs of leggings to match the tops that she got for me - a black one (which I wore in this OOTD) and a navy blue one. My aunt is also a huge fan of the brand and buys a lot of her clothes there. She definitely has good taste.

I actually have this thing for wearing loose tops. I'm just really comfortable in wearing tops that just "flow". In this case, I decided to wear a loose top that night because I attended our high school reunion and a buffet of delicious food was waiting for me. So yeah, I had to wear something loose. Don't want the batch mates to see my full bulging tummy.

I can't believe it's been TEN years since I graduated high school. It was really nice to see my batch mates again. Looking forward to our next reunion. 

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