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"Athina, san ka nagpa color ng hair?",

 "Huy Tin, tag pila pa color ug ana?", 

"Dzae, asa ka nagpaparlor?"

When I started sporting my new hair color after Christmas of last year, these were the common questions that friends and acquaintances asked me. And the answers are...

1.) AT HOME 


And they were surprised because some of them knew that I was the type who would really go to salons to have my hair fixed. But this time, I wanted a challenge. I wanted to try to have my hair colored at home because for one, it is definitely doable and two, it's way cheaper than going to salons. So I browsed and read a few blogs and watched a few Youtube videos on how to dye one's hair at home and I pretty much have a good idea as to how. But I know I couldn't do it alone so I asked my husband, Mr. A, to help me with this.

This post is for those who keep on asking me how we were able to pull it off. 

These are the paraphernalia needed during the hair dyeing process.
Brushes - different sizes for different areas of the head.

Mixer Bowl to mix the hair color and developer

Hair Color and Developer - I chose the color ASH from the brand BREMOD. I have read reviews online that BREMOD is the recommended brand for DIY hair dyes. This was also validated from people I know who have tried dyeing their own hair at home.

ear protectors to avoid getting color on the ears

clips for hair sectioning

Here's how it's done: 
Prepare everything you need. Oh and don't forget the gloves to avoid getting color on the hands

Mix the hair color and developer. It should be one hair color packet to one hair developer 1:1. A hair developer is the cream chemical added to the color to be able to oxygenate and create a desired color mix for the hair and helps the color attach onto the hair.

Start off by sectioning the hair. It's not shown in the photo because Mr. A is already busy with the sectioning process. What he did was he divided the hair into four sections for easier application of the color dye.

Put on the ear protector then gently put on the hair dye with the help of the brushes. Start on the bottom part of the hair and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, work you way up to the upper area of the hair and onto the roots. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Roots are the area of the hair that lightens the fastest that is why it is suggested to put dye on this area last.

put on a shower cap to put the hair in place while the coloring is in process. That's a total of around 40 to 50 minutes at the bottom half of the hair, and around 20 to 30 minutes for the upper area to the roots. Rinse, shampoo and put on a deep conditioner. Towel or blow dry afterwards.

This is my Ash Colored Hair, ladies and gentlemen
I can honestly boast that this is definitely not bad for a first time DIY hair color at home. And props to Mr. A for doing a very good job. All in all, I spent around 400 plus pesos only which includes the materials used. But it will be cheaper next time because I already have hair dye brushes, a mixing bowl, clips, etc. All I need to buy next time is the hair color and developer... and with the hopes that Mr. A will do my hair again. Ha ha!

Good luck on your hair coloring journey and have fun. :)

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