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What better way to start the New Year by posting an OOTD and Nail-fie post dedicated to 2017’s COLOR OF THE YEAR – Pantone Greenery. To know more about GREENERY, check out my previous post and click HERE.

WHAT I WORE: Green Boho Top bought from my friend, Drea | Black Sheer Maxi Skirt from SM Department Store | Necklace, Knuckle Rings and Bracelets from Blessed Wire Davao by Sunshine Espiritu | Owl detailed shoulder bag bought from my friend, Xiena | Tiger Head detailed slippers bought in Magallanes Street, Davao City

This was the first time that I wore the green top. And I am so glad I found it lying around my closet as it is really the color of year 2017. I first wanted to pair it with black shorts but I thought it looks better with the black maxi skirt. The last time I wore this skirt was four years ago. Could you believe that? I almost totally forgot I had this one.
What I like about this maxi skirt is its sheer detail which makes the outfit a bit sexy but not showing too much. The downside of this, however, is that sheer material tends to get damaged easily especially when it comes in contact with sharp objects, wires and the like. So if ever fabric like this is being worn, one must be really careful.

As for my accessories, I really love the necklace, bracelets and knuckle rings that my friend and fellow blogger, Sunshine Espiritu made for me. She gave these to me as Christmas gifts and I am totally in love with these. I also like how personal and customized these are as they are made especially for me - ATHINA and BLOGGER. If you want to have your very own customized wire necklaces, bracelets and knuckle rings too, check out her FB Page – BLESSED WIRE DAVAO, Add her up on Facebook – SUNSHINE ESPIRITU and also check her blog out at www.everybodyssunshine.com

I would also like to semi-brag about my slippers, which I got for only 80 pesos. I have these in 3 colors – this one in green, brown and the other one in red. Even if I bought these for a bargain, I can really attest to their good quality because I brought the brown pair of slippers with me to Yogyakarta two years ago and that pair of slippers was my companion in braving the Candis (Temples) of Prambanan and Borobudur. Pretty solid slippers right there!

Oh and let’s not forget the nails. Before the new year, Mr. A and I went mall hopping because I wanted to find the perfect nail polish to welcome 2017. Lo and behold, I was able to find this at NCCC Uyanguren and for only 27 pesos. But the first coat was quite thin so it took my suki manicurista 3 coats to achieve this greenery color.
Looking forward to seeing more people wearing the pantone greenery color, may these be in the form of clothing, make-up, hair, etc.

I am really excited to see what 2017 has in store for me. I know it’s not gonna be all butterflies and rainbows, but whatever. BRING IT ON! Like what I said in my previous post, I AM GONNA ROCK 2017.

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