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I have always been a user of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) since I was in High school. My mother introduced me to VCO and she has instilled in me the benefits that come along in taking VCO on a regular basis. I have tried various brands of VCO but I am currently impressed with this VCO by ProSource International, Inc.

ProSource International, Inc is the leading brand and primary source of Virgin Coconut Oil in the Philippines. Aside from VCO, the company has also ventured into products like the Calming Oil and Virgin Coconut Soap.

(Extra Virgin Coconut Calming Oil)

I am head over heels with this product! The Calming oil literally “CALMS” me after a very busy and stressful day at work. I actually carry this around with me. Whenever I feel like there’s a big weight on my shoulders or when my head aches because of very arduous and complicated calculations from work, I just put this on my forehead and I can feel myself getting out from a stressful zone to a more calm and chill zone.

My Personal Application: I put this on my forehead in three parts – on the left, right and middle forehead. I make sure I put it as far away from the eyes as possible – almost on the hairline part of the forehead. I roll it on those parts sort of like an inch of a line and I massage my forehead afterwards.

The Calming Oil will be available soon in drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

(Organic Coconut Soap)

What I like about this soap is that despite it being made from Coconut, it does not have that strong to pungent coconut smell that other coconut soaps have. I personally don’t like the smell of strong coconut because I sometimes get a headache from that particular scent. I can really feel that it moisturizes my skin after every wash.

My Personal Application: I lather it on to my face and body for around 2-4 minutes (if I have the luxury of time). With the aid of a bathing glove, I massage it around my body in circular motion. Rinse it off afterwards.

Tip: Cut the soap into half so that it won’t melt the entire thing. The soap lasts longer that way.
ProSource Organic Coconut Soap is available at select Mercury Drug Stores at only 85 pesos.

(Virgin Coconut Oil)

I really love the effect of VCO on the body. VCO can be used in a lot of ways. It can aid in weight loss, help clean make up brushes, used for hair care, a natural make up and lipstick remover and also an energy booster.

Same with the soap, the VCO does not possess any strong coconut smell. Other VCOs that I have tried before have that (what I consider) awful smell that I dislike and they even taste funny. It actually smells like Baked Macaroons, which is one of my favorite desserts. That's why the smell doesn't bother me at all. 

My Personal Application:

  For Weight Loss and as Energy Booster – VCO helps in aiding weight loss by speeding up metabolism in the body. I take two tablespoons a day before breakfast. I actually notice that I’m not hungry all the time compared to days wherein I don’t take VCO. I have also noticed that I am not as tired as before when I take VCO.

   For cleaning of Make-up brushes – I put a table spoon of VCO to two tablespoons of Anti-Bacterial soap or an anti-bacterial facial wash (since the brushes are used for the face), mix both ingredients and this becomes my make-up brush cleansing solution.

  For Hair Care – VCO helps in maintaining the natural shine of the hair and it also makes the hair softer. What I do is that I put a palm full of VCO on my head and I massage it on my roots down to the tips of the hair. I put on a shower cap, leave it on for 45 minutes to an hour and I wash it down with shampoo and conditioner.

As make-up remover – I put a little bit of VCO onto a cotton pad and gently wipe in on my face, targeting the areas where make up is very concentrated. After a few wipes, I wash my face with my facial wash and the make up easily comes off. This also goes for removing lipstick.

VCO is not only limited to the ones I have mentioned above. The only side effect in taking VCO that I have read online is the allergic reaction one gets if that person is allergic to coconut. But aside from this, it’s more of positive reviews and also positive results based from personal experience. VCO has tons of benefits for the body and it is a must that everybody must take this.

Prosource International Inc., VCO in 250ml bottles can be found in Mercury Drug Stores for only 199 pesos and at Watsons for only 204 pesos. They are also available in South Star Drug, Robinsons Supermarket, Pioneer Center, Puregold, Landmark and other leading drug stores and supermarkets nationwide.
You can also visit their Social Media accounts

Instagram: (@prosourcevco)

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