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WHAT I WORE: Red & White Striped shirt, bought ONLINE | Cut-off Reconstructed Jogger pants, Thrifted | White Shoes, CRISSA

Why the title? I don’t know if I have mentioned this already on my previous blog posts but I have a thing for collecting clothes and accessories with an owl design. I even swoon over items and decors with owls on them. I just find owls so cute and so innocent even if I don’t personally see one on a daily basis.
just a part of my growing OWL designed collection

The red and white striped shirt with an owl design is what I wore to Krispy Kreme’s even last month. I always mention that I prefer sporting loose shirts because they are very comfortable to wear. Since it was a hot day I figured that I should wear a loose shirt and bam, this shirt was the perfect one. But I didn’t totally wear it a hundred percent loose. I tied the shirt on the bottom part to make it more fitted. Hence, loose on the upper half of the top, but fitting on the lower half of the shirt. This gave a shirt a bit for “sass”.

This also gave slight emphasis on the details of the jeans which I had reconstructed a couple of months ago (read all about it on my previous post HERE). I also had to give justice to it even if it’s not the main focus of my whole outfit.

I also decided to pair the combo with my favorite white shoes from CRISSA. I wanted to emphasize the owl detail of my outfit so I paired it with shoes that aren’t “loud” and the plain white shoes were just right for the OOTD. That is how to highlight a particular piece of clothing on an outfit.

I still have a bunch of owl designed clothes still waiting to be worn, Do watch out for those in my future OOTD posts.

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