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We've seen the billboards, online teasers, posters and heard about "the rumor" for a couple of months now. But lo and behold, it is finally safe to say that the rumor is indeed true! 


Yes! UNIQLO has finally reached the shores of MINDANAO. I have been waiting for this for a couple of years now since the day I became a fan of the brand. I can finally scratch UNIQLO off my "list of stores to go to when out of town" because there is no need for that anymore. What's even more amazing is that the first ever UNIQLO store is literally less than 20 minutes away from my house. Pretty cool, huh? 

Oh and did I mention that their prices are totally affordable? OH YES!

The very first store in Mindanao is set to open at the ground floor of SM Lanang Premier on May 26, Friday, the second one in SM City Davao on June 2 the following week and another one in Cagayan de Oro City at their SM Downtown Premier Mall.

My Davao Bloggers Society family and I were blessed to be invited to their exclusive store tour and shopping on May 24, 2017, two days before the grand opening of the first UNIQLO store in Mindanao.

UNIQLO may be a very well known brand but it's not a brand that only the rich and elite can enjoy. The brand itself is strengthened by the Japanese values of SIMPLICITY, QUALITY and LONGEVITY. The brand is all about simple yet elegant pieces of clothing that will never go out of style. Aside from this, UNIQLO makes sure that their quality is indeed good, which makes that people love the brand so much that they keep coming back for more.

The brand was also explained further by the Chief Operations Officer of Uniqlo, Mr. Katsumi Kubota

Here are a few snapshots of what current UNIQLO fans and soon-to-be fans can expect at the SM LANANG PREMIER store:

I personally love their leggings pants. I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts that I am a bit bottom heavy and I really have a hard time looking for pants that "almost perfectly" fit me. But thanks to Uniqlo's leggings pants, I finally found what I have been looking for. What's even great is that the leggings pants come in many colors like pink and olive green on top of the usual gray, faded blue, navy blue, white and black colored jeans.

UNIQLO is a brand that caters not only casuals but they have apparels dedicated to dress up everybody in whatever activities done on a daily basis. 


UNIQLO has DENIM pieces, which is one of the most popular go-to clothing of the millenials; WORKSMART, comprising of comfy and polished pieces that are very versatile to ensure that despite being at work, one can still be stylish. The lightweight and fast-drying fabric is even ideal for those who do prefer to do their own laundry.
UNIQLO SPORT is a line with very stylish pieces that not only gives comfort but also brings out one's confidence. Hey, who ever said that being sporty makes a person less stylish is totally wrong.
AIRISM is UNIQLO's answer to battle out sweat and keeps the skin smooth and dry even during humid weather. UT (UNIQLO T-shirts) is a line that celebrates the coming together of different culture and designs inspired by selected pop art around the world. UNIQLO KIDS & UNIQLO BABY - of course! who can forget the next generation. Even at a young age, kids can be stylish but most importantly, comfortable thanks to the functional and high quality clothing of UNIQLO.

Allow me to talk a bit about another personal favorite of mine at UNIQLO - their NINTENDO COLLECTION

So I bought two shirts from their NINTENDO collection: one for me and one for Mr. A - both in SUPER MARIO design. I'll post photos of those shirts on my next blog post when Mr. A comes home from training.


UNIQLO is the brand that never stops and gets tired of evolving because change is constant, it never stops... and they will continue to make the people's lives better, made simpler in style through their magnificent pieces.

I bet you're excited as I am now that we have a new friend who is now a resident of Davao City.

Check UNIQLO out at SM LANANG PREMIER starting May 26, 2017; SM CITY DAVAO starting JUNE 2 and soon at SM CDO DOWNTOWN PREMIER

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