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WHAT I WORE: Aztec Print Long Kimono, bought from my friend Xiena | Cream Cropped Top, Image | Royal Blue Jeggings, bought online | Necklace, Forever21 | White Sneakers, SM Department Store

Mr. A and I attended the first birthday of the son of my officemate a month ago at Harana restaurant located in Torres Street, Davao City. I have been to Harana so many times in the past couple of years but this was the first time in more than 15 years that I've stepped foot in their playground. 

Harana was one of my family's favorite restaurants. Whenever there were very special occasions, Harana was definitely one of the top choices on my grandparents' list. And while the adults were busy talking about work, business and other adult matters, I was busy playing with my sister and cousins at the playground. I remember being so excited about playing that I wouldn't finish my food (my bad). I also remember getting hurt while I tried out one of the obstacle courses, and I also remember peeing my pants while I was on top of a very tall slide because I was too scared of going down. Oh, and I also remember seeing one of my gradeschool crushes playing with his siblings there too. I tried to say hi but because I got so nervous, I tripped and fell right in front of him instead. *face palm* 

Ah, memories! Embarrassing but very meaningful memories indeed.

Harana's playground now is so much different from what it was more than 15 years ago. One significant change is the size of the area where the playground is situated - it has become so small now. I really miss the big area where kids could run around and just feel free. Anyway, the only permanent thing in the world is change and that really hit Harana's playground big time.

As for my outfit, I think I just wore the right pieces for that particular day. The kimono itself was already festive in nature and it worked well with my cream cropped top and royal blue jeggings. The colors of my outfit matched the colorfulness of the playground as well. 

I bet you have already noticed that this Forever21 necklace is one of my favorite necklaces because of its presence is most of my OOTDs. If that is what you have in mind then yes, you are exactly right!

And of course, white sneakers is the perfect choice to tone down a very colorful ensemble - enough to not make the outfit "too much" for one's eyes to handle.

So that's my playground diary featuring Harana. What is your playground story?

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