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Do you have those days when you feel that your mood depends on how great your hair is?

I personally have had days like that wherein I feel totally bummed out when my tresses are all tangly and dry, and I feel totally awesome when my hair is smooth and cooperates with my activities.

All of us are guilty of the fact that sometimes, we fail to give proper T L C to our locks because we are so busy with our lives. But thanks to HAIRFOODCO., we need not have to worry about not giving our hair proper love and attention.

Last August 9, I was one of the bloggers invited by HAIRFOODCO. during their Influencers' Night at Joanna's Kitchen. It was my first time to attend an event that was related to hair care and it was something that I wanted to learn for so long.

After the meetup, I was able to score a few products from HAIRFOODCO. I decided to do a quick review in this blog post to help out those who are interested in taking better care of their hair like me.

EVER YOUNG ANTI-AGING AROMATHERAPY SHAMPOO - this shampoo in full of moringa which is known as a superfood for the scalp that can reduce free radicals and peroxide effects which are the ones that cause the greying of the hair. It also has Emu Oil that rejuvinates and restores the hairs vitality. The product itself is of light yellow color and the smell reminds me of the baby shampoo that I used during my kindergarten days. After days of trying this out, my hair became softer and I felt the dry areas disappear slowly.

EVER YOUNG ANTI-AGING AROMATHERAPY CONDITIONER - the perfect partner of EVER YOUNG ANTI-AGING AROMATHERAPY SHAMPOO. It also has Moringa and Emu Oil content which is the same with its partner shampoo but this one is fore focused on the roots of the hair. This aids in fighting off breakage, dandruff and split-ends as well. It is rich lather white in color and the smell is quite stronger compared to that of its partner shampoo but it works well on the hair. I also noticed that after using this one, it added a bit of volume to my hair. I guess I could say it helped shoo away the dullness that my hair sometimes projects.
ARGAN GOLD REPAIR THERAPY SHAMPOO - this shampoo helps in eliminating split ends which I bet all women, like myself, really despise. After using this for a couple of days, I noticed that my hair became less frizzier and I did not encounter any problems while combing my hair even without the help of a conditioner. The product is also light yellow in color and it smells like fruity candies which also stays with the hair after every wash.


 - Less Hairfall
- Less Frizziness
- Less Dandruff
- Stronger Hair
- Hair has more volume

JOJOBA OIL - this is one of the oils in their "IT'S A MIRACLE OIL" line-up. I have to say that this oil is a life saver not only for the hair but for the skin as well. I was having dry patches on my face one weekend and I read online that Jojoba oil can help relieve dryness and bring moisture in the skin so I decided to try this out. Lo and behold, it really did work! It helped lessen the dryness on my face and it slowly disappeared as the days passed by. I also put this on my hair during days when I get dandruff (which happens when I get stressed at work) and the dandruff lessens as well. I totally need this in my life.

BOOSTER SHAMPOO - I asked the lady at the HAIRFOODCO. counter a recommendation on what shampoo to use for somebody who suffers extreme hair fall and she recommended this to me. This shampoo revitalizes scalp, boosts hair health and helps reduce hairfall. I didn't try this one out because I'm going to give this to my mother who complain about hair loss all the time. I am confident that mom will definitely find this one very useful.

*UPDATE: So my mom has started using the shampoo and she has been using it for a couple of days now and she says that she noticed lesser hair fall during bathing and when she combs her hair. Mommah approves!
REBORN ADVANCE TARGETED SCALP SERUM - this serum aims to aid in solving hair loss through cell renewal and targets the regeneration of hair follicles. The formulation of this one was developed through stem cell technology which has become a popular thing nowadays. Together with the shampoos, I also put a bit of this on my scalp a couple of days a week to, again, help me with my hair loss problem. So far so good because of the lessening of hair fall that I noticed lately. 

GOODTIMES POMADE - HAIRFOODCO. also has something men find very useful. Mr. A saw these during the HAIRFOODCO. influencers' night when he fetched me and he became interested in purchasing one to try out. We ended up buying two because he loved the scent of the pomades. Ha ha! He has been using the blue one at work everyday and uses the black one on weekends. When I asked him why, he told me that the blue one was the type of pomade that he can use at work and need not check his hair every not and then because of the hold. The black one was for his extra styled hair during date night. So I guess he finds the black one more special.

Thank you so much HAIRFOODCO. for having us and for teaching us about the importance of taking good care of our main tresses. I personally pledge to having more healthy hair days with you and your amazing products.

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Cheers to more Healthy Hair Days with HAIRFOODCO.

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