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Another Korean store has finally reached the shores of Davao City and Davaoenyos have been crazy about this store ever since! WELCOME TO DAVAO, MUMUSO!

MUMUSO offers a wide range of products from FIVE (5) catergories: BEAUTY AND SKINCARE, HOME ESSENTIALS, PERSONAL, TOYS and ELECTRONICS. From the looks of these categories, it's safe to say that MUMUSO basically has something for every one in the family - Skin Care for Mommah, Toys for Junior and Juniora, and of course, Electronics for Daddy-yow!

Last August 18, MUMUSO has officially opened its doors to the public at their store's residence in the ground floor of Abreeza Ayala Mall. I was one of the lucky ones who got first dibs on the cute items from MUMUSO and literally the first person who lined up at the counter to pay for my purchases.

Sweet Treat for the guests during the opening. Representing the color of MUMUSO - GREEN

Allow me to share my mini MUMUSO HAUL which I bought during the opening plus a quick review of each product

CUCUMBER MOISTURIZING GEL (Php 99) - since I have dry skin, I am quite a sucker for moisturizers. So when I saw this one, I immediately put it in my basket (also the perfect timing since my moisturizer's bottle is about to run out). When I first tried this on my face, I did notice that my face became itchy and dry. I thought I just ate something so I just let it be. But during the second time that I used this (which was that same night), my face became itchy again. So I gave it a rest and tried it again after two days and still the same reaction on my face. So I guess this Cucumber Moisturizing Gel is just not for my face. Instead, I use it on my neck, hands and legs and it feels really good on the other parts of my body. Just not my face.

NAIL POLISH REMOVER WIPES (2 for PHP 99) - another perfect timing indeed because I already ran out of acetone, so I got hold of this nail polish remover wipes and tried it immediately when I went home. Lo and Behold, it really does work! The nail polish on my fingernails removed instantly. And I only needed to use one cloth for all ten fingers. The person who invented this product is a genius! Two packs for only 99 pesos (49.50 each), that's already a very good deal!

AIRBAG MASSAGE COMB IN BABY GREEN (PHP 99) - my cat, Perdita, loves to check the gravity of selected items in our house and that includes the hairbrush that I have had for years now. After so many falls, the brush finally gave up on me. Good thing I found this brush in MUMUSO and this is what I have been using ever since. It has a plastic and rubber grip which bounces off when Perdita pushes it from my dresser. I guess I am safe with this brush. Whew!

BRAID USB CABLE FOR ANDROID (PHP 149) - I got this one for Mr. A so that he will have an extra cable at work. At first I was really skeptical about buying this one with the fear that it might not work, but it does! Another surprise is that this charges fast compared to other cables that he bought online (more expensive than this one, mind you). He now has an extra cable at work and he can finally throw that lousy android cable that is considered a very slow charger.

150 PIECES CLEAN CARE WIPES (PHP 99) - Mr. A and I are very particular when it comes to the cleanliness of our car. If we were having a meal before heading inside the car, we would make sure we cleaned our hands with the aid of wet wipes so that we won't dirty the interiors of the car. That is primarily the reason why I bought this big container of wet wipes. We still have a bag inside our car but I bought this as extra just in case the old one runs out of wet wipes. 99 pesos for 150 wet wipes? I'm sold! Oh, and did I mention that it smells nice too? Well, yes it does!

Those were my first day buys. When I got home, I told Mr. A that I wanted to buy more stuff from there. So we went back the next day but I was only able to buy one item.

DEEP CLEANSING BRUSH (PHP 199) - I bought this one to make my everyday facial routines more fun. And I was right about that. I currently enjoy washing my face with the help of this brush. The soft bristles moving in circular motion on the face really gives me that very clean feeling after every wash. I also read somewhere online that facial cleansing brushes also helps in getting rid of dead skin cells. Since I started using this one, I noticed that my face has started to peel. Goodbye dead skin cells and hello new and softer skin.
These are just a fraction of the loads of stuff that MUMUSO offers. Check them out at the Ground Floor of Abreeza Ayala Mall, just opposite Marks & Spencers and get deals for as low as 49 and 99 pesos. 

Happy Shopping, loves! *kisses*

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