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WHAT I WORE: White Tank Top, bought online | Thrifted Mom Jeans, bought online | Emerald Flats, SM Supermarket | Earrings, DCLA Uyanguren | Bracelets, gifts from family

I sincerely treasure weekends because it is basically the only two days of the week that I get to be myself and dress the way I like. On weekdays I am, of course, obliged to wear my uniform because well duh, it's a requirement. I'm not saying that I dislike my uniform, but you know, it's just not how I wanna dress all the time. Wearing a uniform always makes me feel a bit stiff and I have to act a certain way because the uniform represents the company that I work for. The limitations are certainly there. Oh and of course, weekends are the perfect excuse for me to be able to shoot more OOTD photos for my blog since I can't do that on weekdays. Again, limitations.

So this particular weekend (a Sunday to be exact), I literally and figuratively LET LOOSE by wearing loose clothing that I bought online. This top has been hanging in my closet for I think more than 4 years now and the last time I wore this was in one of my trips overseas (errr, I forgot exactly where though but I think it was in Indonesia circa 2013. I'll look for the photo later). The fit of the top is really favorable on a typical humid Davao weather as it allows my skin to breathe and for me to just move in any way that I want to. 

hello weekend awkward face

News Flash! Mom Jeans are sooo back! Mom Jeans are known to be a trend back in the 70's where the style it tight on the waist area but loose from the hips down and a bit tight again at the ankle area (did my description even make any sense? Lol... but I think you got the idea). I bought this online and fell in love with it the first time I saw it. You know, it's just one of those " I MUST HAVE IT " moments.

As for the shoes, I felt that I should have worn heels instead of flats because it's much more "appropriate" for my size and height but I couldn't find my blue mid heels so I ended up choosing my Emerald flats instead. Meh, it still works!

Here's me throwing kisses in anticipation of the next weekend, and until my next OOTD post. Thanks for stopping by babes!

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