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WHAT I WORE: Royal Blue Knitted Sleeveless Top, bought online | Orange Shorts, bought online | Mustard Block Shoes, Enzo Shoppe by Sheryl Chan (Shopee) | Earrings, gift | Watch, ATMOSFIT | Shades, ILAHUI | Bracelet, Third Eye Gemstones | Native Colorful Bag, bought from Ate Ria Jose

Hey Babes! This is the second SUMMER OOTD dedicated for SUMMER 2018. Again, summer is here once again. In the Philippines, the summer season officially starts in April – May but with the constant change in weather conditions, summer can already be felt as early as March. As somebody who has lived in this tropical country her whole entire life, I have no choice but to embrace the arrival of summer.

In line with summer, I always make it a style goal to make my OOTDs colorful. Why? Well, because this season is the perfect excuse for me to get my floral blouses, my vibrantly colored tops and bottoms, my fringe earrings and taupe dominated footwear out of my closet and mix and match to make my summer OOTD on summer point.

For this style post, here’s my take on summer color blocking by mixing ROYAL BLUE with ORANGE.

Fun Fact: My favorite color is actually ROYAL BLUE. That’s why I have loads of clothes with this kind of color

The Blue and Orange combo was something that I got from one of Anne Curtis’ billboard photos here in Davao City (I think she was endorsing kitchen appliances). I found it so nice on her and figured that I should try it on me as well. Fast forward to today, this combo is now one of my favorite color block combos. These two colors, because of their vibrancies, are summer perfect because these are two colors that instantly pop out. Plus, the blue can signify the blue sky, blue waters and on the other hand, the orange can signify the sunset.

This bag was actually a spontaneous purchase during that day. Ate Ria was bringing a few of the bags she and her cousin used to sell online. I spotted this colorful number and the rest was history. Special thanks to Mr. A for buying this bag for me. Price? 750 pesos only! - Such a good deal already for a beautiful bag like this one. I am a fan of woven bags so this purchase made me a happy junkie. Hence, the face below ha ha!

Here are other details of the outfit:

Cheers to the season and looking forward to a great summer this year. But don’t expect yours truly to wear bikinis and tank tops… I ain’t cut out for that anymore ha ha!

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