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Hey Babes! I just want to share my new favorite products that I have been using since early October 2018.... here are four new products from MY SKIN ORIGINS plus their ever so trustworthy BRIGHTENING PORE MINIMIZER that I have been using for years now.

As of writing, I have been pregnant for almost 25 weeks now and I am so happy that I have been receiving great compliments about my skin and me having a so-called "PREGNANCY GLOW". I definitely credit that one to my daily skincare routine using the products above.


These are the three products that I use every night on my face. After washing my face with my favorite MY SKIN ORIGINS PINO TROPIKA BRIGHTENING PLUS BEAUTY BAR, I pat my face with a dry towel and put a generous amount of Brightening Pore Minimizer on my cotton pad and put it gently on my face and neck to remove all the gunk that those areas accumulated during the day that couldn't be washed away by just soap. Next, I put STAY Glowing Peptide Serum on my face for extra moisturizing. Lastly, I cap my nightly routine with PRESERVE Glowing Peptide Whitening and Contouring Night Cream. Once these steps are done, I am assured that these products will work their magic on my face while I doze off to dreamland.


Before leaving the house, I make sure I put these two products after washing my face with, again, my favorite MY SKIN ORIGINS PINO TROPIKA BRIGHTENING PLUS BEAUTY BAR, I spray a bit of HYDRATE Glowing Peptide Toner Mist on my face and spread it evenly using my ring fingers so as not to be too harsh on my face. Or, what I also do (if I don't feel like touching my face) is I spray a small amount of HYDRATE on a cotton pad and dab on my face. And last but not the least, I put two pumps of BREATHE Oxygenated Silky Day Cream for that extra tinted oomph on my face. 

Oh and on days when I don't really want to wear makeup, I put three pumps of BREATHE on my face and just top it off with powder. Yep, I am pretty much content with that setup.

Here are some photos of me during my pregnancy so far

Here, I just wore BREATHE + BENCH POWDER + mark. by AVON LIPPY

This photo was taken around 8 in the evening on February 14, 2019 - Valentines Day. I was so busy at work during this particular day but I guess I still looked pretty decent, don't you think? Lol.

Posing with my favorite DAY CREAM - BREATHE Oxygenated Silky Day Cream

Yes, I definitely owe my pregnancy glow to MY SKIN ORIGINS. And even after I give birth, I will still continue to trust their products because each are proven very effective indeed.

Want to know more about MY SKIN ORIGINS and their great products? Check out their website and social media pages:

INSTAGRAM: @myskinorigins


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