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Who would have thought that a heartbreaking loss of one's beloved son and one's beloved brother can lead into a beautiful hobby... a hobby that has contributed so much in the healing process of a family which eventually leads into something so beautiful that has captured the hearts of bag lovers nationwide...

If you read my blogs and follow me on social media, you would notice that I love to sport local bags made by ANMARI HANDMADES. I've mentioned before in my previous blogs that I am somebody who loves to  #SUPPORTLOKAL products and I am fine ditching the branded goods once in a while. For me, ANMARI HANDMADES is a local line that has indeed captured my taste and love for local bags.

My first ANMARI HANDMADE bag is this large round black bag with fringes on the bottom

My second ANMARI HANDMADE bag is another round number (but small in size) that's emerald green in color with two black pompoms

The women behind the beautiful creations of ANMARI HANDMADES are none other than Ms. ANNIE CANDARI and her daughter, ANDREA MARI CANDARI - TAYLOR. The business name was a witty combination from the mother, ANnie and the second name of Andrea MARI.


After Ms. Annie's son, Paulo (who happens to be a very good friend of mine), passed away a few years ago, she found healing in creating beautifully designed handbags with the help of the women of Ma-a Jail Correctional. It was a win-win situation as these women, who previously made poor choices in their lives, were given the opportunity to do something creative and at the same time, Ms. Annie and Andrea found something new to help them in the healing process after losing their loved one.

ANNIE CANDARI, one half of the mother-duo tandem behind ANMARI HANDMADES

Here are just some of the beautiful bags of ANMARI HANDMADES:

Photos were grabbed from the Facebook Page of DAVAO ANMARI HANDMADES

Years have passed and creating these beautiful bags has not only brought Ms. Annie and Andrea happiness but at the same time, also provides the inmates an activity to keep themselves busy while they rehabilitate inside the correctional facility. Not only has Ms. Annie and Andrea found purpose in her bags, but those beautiful bags are now also providing many others with a great purpose.


During the BLOGGERS MEET-UP last March 30, 2019, the ladies of the Davao Bloggers Society got the chance to meet the women behind this amazing local brand. Ms. Annie talked more about ANMARI HANDMADES and also gave the girls a few tips on how to create pompoms that give more life to the lovely bags that they produce and sell. The girls were also given an activity to create their own ANMARI HANDBAG design based on their personality and mood.

POMPOMS that give more life and color to the bags

This is the bag I designed. Just a little backstory as to why I chose this simple SMILE EMOJI design. I lost my father on March 16, 2019 (a few days before the said event) and since then, I felt like I lost the bubbly old me and I seldom forget to smile. So I decided to put a smiling face on my third ANMARI bag so that I will be reminded to smile despite the pain on losing my father. And I know that my Daddy would want me to smile even if he has physically left us.
Check out other lovely designs and styles made by ANMARI HANDMADES by checking out their social media accounts:


Thank you Ms. Annie. I had fun listening to your story. You are such an inspiration :)

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