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WHAT I WORE | Bomber Jacket, FOREVER21 | Black Bralette Top and Bag, BANGKOK, THAILAND | Jeans, UNIQLO | Shoes, PLAINS & PRINTS

Hola, Babes! Well... here's another throwback #OOTD post. Again... again, please bear with me as I am still in the recovering stage after giving birth to my son. My body is not yet in its best condition so taking #OOTD photos is off the table (for now) but I shall have my comeback soon.

For this post, I'm going to talk about this BOMBER JACKET that I scored on sale from FOREVER21 during one of their biggest sales in the city last year.

From a hefty price of almost 2,000 pesos, I was able to score this pretty BOMBER JACKET for only 500 pesos. That's like almost 75% slashed off from its original price. The material is very soft and cool to the skin and surprisingly not uncomfortable to wear even when worn outdoors. The Philippines, being a tropical country and all, it's quite impractical to wear clothing such as this one because, well... MAJORITY OF THE TIME IT IS FREAKIN' HOT! But again, the great thing about this bomber jacket is even when you're out and about and under the heat of the sun, it's not uncomfortable and it is really light to wear. A scored a good one right here!
To be honest, it's not really THAT HARD to wear BOMBER JACKETS because you can basically wear it with any pieces of clothing. In this particular OOTD, I decided to make it as a cover-up to my BLACK BRALETTE (I am, obviously, not in the proper age and physical position to wear the bralette without any cover on it LOL!), paired it with my ever reliable jeans from UNIQLO and again, my new favorite white pair from PLAINS & PRINTS (which you have seen a lot in this fashion blog of mine ha ha!). Judging from the totality of the outfit, I must say that they look good altogether. (no bias there, lol!)
Try it out for yourselves, Babes! Go crazy and be fashionably free while wearing a BOMBER JACKET. Pair it with your favorite distressed denim shorts, sleeveless tops, boots, hat, you name it! Just make sure you find a bomber jacket that has a material that will suit in which country that you live in. Don't go for the super thick ones especially if you live in the Philippines. Now that would be a BUMMER JACKET and not a BOMBER JACKET. Lol! Get it? Get it? Ha ha!
I hope you find the perfect jacket for you, Babes! Until the next STYLE POST! Ciao! 

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