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The pandemic has undeniably shaken our world to its core. This has constantly challenged us in many ways both as individuals and also as a community. Though sometimes everything that has been happening may be too much for all of us to handle, yet a whisper of hope still persists and continues to grow stronger, letting us know that nothing is impossible and we shall indeed overcome this crisis.

But surprisingly, this pandemic has shown us the tremendous amount of hope in womankind. We all know that throughout history, women have continued to inspire with a brand of bravery that is empathetic, persistent and unapologetic themselves. In this new normal, it would really be helpful to see a new brand of bravery from women to emerge and inspire us once again.


WHISPER's call to action during this new normal is #TheNewBrave campaign. In this changing times where bravery no longer means the same, WHISPER celebrates the new bravery women have embraced in this pandemic by adapting to the situation. Developing a new hobby, learning new skills, focusing more on self-love and reawakening older interests are just some of the things women are doing nowadays to step up to #TheNewBrave.

#TheNewBrave campaign is all about encouraging women to embrace their vulnerability because we know that discomfort is temporary and growth awaits us in the other side of our struggle. It is also about finding joy and victory even in the smallest things, believing in our strengths and celebrating who we have become. 


Whisper's new campaign aims to amplify #TheNewBrave at a time when people are most afraid of life's uncertainties.

Women do understand physical and emotional pain when it comes to having periods since it happens to us every month. Now, more than ever, the world needs this culture of empathy and acceptance so others can get involved in finding their new bravery.

Whisper's 3x better protection holds space for our most vulnerable as women, allowing us to move freely during our periods. The Whisper Pink (Cottony Soft) variant  comes with dermacare lotion which helps reduce skin allergy, moisturizes and reduces friction and improves skin barrier. Whisper helps enable women to still embrace #TheNewBrave and be the best they can be even during the most difficult times. 

For a glimpse at what #TheNewBrave means, watch Whisper's new video below. Together, let us celebrate our small victories, find joy and meaning in where we are today, because as women of Whisper, we can face it together and embody #TheNewBrave in this new normal.


Share your inspiring #TheNewBrave stories with Whisper by using the hashtag #TheNewBrave on Facebook and Instagram and tagging Whisper's social media accounts (Facebook: @WhisperPH; Instagram: @WhisperPhilippines)

Whisper Cottony Soft and Super Clean & Dry is available in different packs in all leading supermarkets, grocery stores, drugstores, and department stores nationwide. 

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