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Whenever I hear the word NARZO, the first statement that comes to mind is "GAMING PHONE" thanks to all the blogs and reviews that my tech blogger friends have done in the past months of realme's NARZO series. As a "gamer" (I like playing Clash of Clans lol yes I know so unlikely, right), I have always been curious of gaming phones such as that of NARZO's so I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to check out their 6 amazing phone in the flesh.

If you're like me who is into reading blogs about tech and stuff, you would definitely be familiar with the fact that NARZO was under the realme brand before. But now, they have established themselves as a standalone brand born out of realme's ecosystem since their official launching in July 2022. Right now, realme is more focused on being stylish and trendy - catering to the youngins; while NARZO aims to provide affordability, targeting the budget-conscious individual with an all-rounder smartphone that doesn't break the bank but won't compromise quality. This is what the NARZO team has coined as "QUALITY SULIT".

With Jexx Hinggo and Nep-C Ledesma - Photo from DAVAO BLOGGERS SOCIETY's FB page

As a 4 month old "baby" in the tech market, NARZO boasts of an impressive online sales achievement with their NARZO 50i Prime - a record of 700 phones checked out at the strike of midnight during one of Lazada's "payday sales", with an average of 2 phones sold per minute.

Considering themselves as a challenger in the local tech spectrum, NARZO sets itself apart from their competitors by offering nationwide accessibility and long-term quality to customers. Not only are their phones available for sale online, but they have physical stores in NCR and other parts of the country as well. For Davao City peeps, you can find their kiosk at SM City Ecoland.

Check out all 6 phones from NARZO's 50 series (short description and prices are stated above) - just by one look, you can really tell that these are indeed affordable without compromising the quality of a smartphone.

Personally, as a realme user for years (I have a realme 5pro, realme watch and realme buds), I am very confident that NARZO will definitely be as successful as its big sibling (realme). And to be honest, I would definitely get my hands on the NARZO 50i Prime phone if my son was a bit older. I would definitely choose that particular unit because with the price of only Php 4,999, I would have a phone that is tatak "QUALITY SULIT" - perfect as a first phone for any kid.

With the team behind NARZO and realme - photo from DAVAO BLOGGERS SOCIETY's FB page.

For more information about NARZO and their phones, check out their Facebook page (Click HERE).

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