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Being away from home for work, especially when you have a family, is not an easy feat. But sacrifices must be made in order to give the family a grander future.

But thanks to PLDT Home Rewards, a person's life has drastically changed in a snap!

A seafarer, who has been away most of the time in the last 12 years, is the lucky winner! Missing important milestones and occasions such as birthdays, Christmases, New Years and the like will be the thing of the past, thanks to the P5.0 Million peso prize he received.

It all started with just a simple desire to earn rewards and discounts from their existing PLDT Home subscription via the PLDT Home Rewards program. Just by the family's continued loyalty and trust in using PLDT Home, this gave them a great chance to win the rewards program. And true enough, the seafarer is the lucky winner indeed!

The P5.0Million Pesos, which is a lot of money by the way, will be used wisely by the seafarer and his family - from paying off their house, setting aside for their child's tuition fees, and the rest is to be used to start a business in order for this to be the prize that keeps on giving.

See, just by simply joining the program and by being a PLDT Home user, a simple person fulfilled his dream to stay in the country to be with his family. 

The PLDT HOME REWARDS program is still on going so don't forget to sign up and just be a continued user of the best internet provider in the country. Who knows, you might just be the next person whose dreams are about to come true.

Ready to sign up? Click this link right HERE

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