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It is that time of the year again where we make a list of things we want to give to those who have been nice (or errrr, naughty) in our lives.

Yes sir! Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to make our loved ones happy is by giving them exactly what they need in their daily lives.

In this day and age where tech paraphernalia are undeniably already considered important "must-haves" of the lives of many, looking for the perfect item for each person is no walk in the park. And let's be honest here - these gadgets are not just things that you can purchase on a whim because of their respective prices.

Luckily, Home Credit's THE GREAT 0% INTEREST FESTIVAL is here to cater to everyone's dilemma. Yes! Zero percent on various installment terms on a wide variety of products. And I am pretty sure that with the vast options they have, everyone is sure to find that perfect gift for that special someone this Christmas season.

And just to add, this post right here might just be of help in finding the right item for the recipient in mind:

Gadgets perfect for everyday use:

Need gadgets that can be handy in helping figuring out all the tasks of the day? Or simply just a gadget to capture all those special moments worth remembering for a lifetime? Whatever it is that you need, these two gadgets are worth to add as options: Realme 11 Pro Plus 5G and the Iphone 11. These two have excellent cameras that are just great in capturing special moments and at the same time, the overall specs of these two do not disappoint at all. Scheduling, video calls, reminders, or just by watching your favorite movie - these two are just the right choices for the job.

If you want a bigger screen, then the Xiaomi Pad 6 and Huawei Mate Pad 11.5 can be your options for this particular criteria. And if you check their respective overall specs on the internet, you can see that these two gadgets have good reviews and will definitely deliver.

Laptop for the students and the workaholics:

It is no surprise that laptops have been dubbed as a "must-have" for students and this goes back as far as 15 years ago (ehem, I would know - been there, done that). And of course, the students of this generation are no exception. Thankfully, laptops nowadays have become more affordable and they specs are far from what the students of yesterday have been accustomed to. Laptops such as the Acer Nitro 5, Huawei MateBook D15, the Apple MacBook Air MGND3PP/A 13" and Asus TUF Gaming F15 are just some of the great options to choose from when it comes to catering the needs of students - whether it be for blasting the night on school assignments, or rewarding one's self after a productive day of school. 

Oh c'mon, we all need to relax and breathe, don't we? And students of today deserve that much too.

Don't forget to upgrade the home appliances:

Now of course, after a tiresome day of studying and working, it feels so good to come back to a place where you really can really call HOME. But in order to call a home a home (I mean, you get my point, right?), it would be helpful to have appliances that can assist in making chores easier; appliances that can simplify daily routines and provide greater convenience and comfort which we all deserve.

How about getting mom or dad a new refrigerator for the holiday season? This would really be helpful in keeping all those food fresh and organized. Or a nice television for them to enjoy together while waiting for the kids to come home from school, or after the kids have been tucked in to bed.

The Panasonic 9.4 cu ft Two Door Refrigerator would look really good in the kitchen. Or how about the Devant Ultra HD Smart TV 43" - now that would really give mom and dad a great indoor viewing experience.

Guys, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Home Credit's 0% interest deals and fret not about buying that gadget or appliance for your loved ones - or even for yourself. Oh come on.. again, we all deserve it this much. Thank you, Home Credit Philippines for allowing us to put smiles on our loved ones faces this holiday season.

Don't forget to download the My Home Credit App on Google Play to check out all the latest promos and to see what's also new at

Happy shopping, everyone!

About Home Credit Philippines:

Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

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