As a busy person, foodpanda is my hero!

By Athina Angliongto - 2:58:00 PM


AHHHHH yes! It’s Christmas time once again. While dubbed as the “MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR”, every December is quite a roller coaster ride especially for somebody like me who is part of the working class. Why? Because December means “year-end”; and as an employee of the finance industry, this also means more and more year end reports and all those “pahabol” tasks that should be straightened out before the new year comes. To make the long story short, I AM AT MY BUSIEST DURING DECEMBER.

Truth be told, I sometimes forget to eat or there are times when I forget to bring my “baon” to work. This shouldn’t be an excuse since we always… ALWAYS… have to take good care of our health. And thanks to foodpanda, I need not go out of the office in order to have a proper meal to sustain me throughout the day.

And when there are Sundays that we have no yayas (they go to Sunday Alternative school, which we totally encourage), foodpanda is always there to save us! Hey, we have a toddler to feed and as somebody who doesn't cook and who doesn't want to go out of the house that often, then this app is just perfect for us.

Please forgive my bare face. But this was taken one Sunday Morning while waiting for my orders from McDonald's. Ordered via foodpanda app, of course.

This is what I ordered.

Pretty excited (and hungy, lol)

Thank you so much, kuya rider, for delivering my orders.


Breakfast is ready! Thank you foodpanda!

foodpanda has always been my go-to app when I am craving for whatever. Before, it was more of a “wants” kind of app where it satisfies my random cravings on a day to day basis. But as I have become more busy in life in wearing different hats, foodpanda is already tagged as an app that belongs to the “need” category – making life easier for me not only in having food delivered to my whereabouts, but also in purchasing non-food necessities.

And you know what’s also nice about foodpanda and in relation to the holiday season? You can have food delivered to your loved ones’ doorsteps. Imagine saving so much time and gas for this particular task. Now that’s a gift giving idea that anybody could consider – buying food from the app and have it delivered to just anybody and anywhere in the city.

Don’t have the app yet? Explore foodpanda now by downloading their app from the App or Play Store.

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