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FACT: I am all about supporting local products that are proudly made from Davao City. So when I saw on Facebook that there is a skincare product that is "tatak-Davao", I instantly bought myself a few items from them and just had to try these out.

The brand that I am talking about is none other than WHITE GLOW.

I just love how basic their products are. And when I say basic, I mean they have "THE BASIC" skin care necessities that one needs to add to his or her skin care routine.

Before I dive into each product, let's talk about the packaging first.

For the packaging, it's pretty basic and straightforward. Each product is color coded which I think is nice and is something uncommon. They could honestly do better with the design but I assume that instead of focusing on the design of their packaging, they are more inclined in focusing on the formulation of their products - which is more important in my honest opinion. I mean, what's the use of pretty packaging if the products are crappy, right?

Now, let's move on to me talking about my personal experience in using each product for more than two weeks now.

First on the list is their soap:

Their Herbal Whitening Beauty Bar Soap is decently priced at Php 160. And for me, the soap is more than what you pay for.

Why do you ask? Well, I have been using the soap for two weeks straight now (Imagine, at least once a day; every single day that I use this as my bath soap), and the used soap is just a fraction less of its original size. The soap doesn't melt easily unlike other beauty soaps that I have tried and the bonus part of it is that IT DOESN'T STING! I'm sure a lot of you can relate that whitening soaps have the tendency to sting but nope, not with White Glow's Herbal Whitening Beauty Bar Soap.

Next, let's talk about their lotion:

Left: 200ml lotion for 310 pesos; Right: 100ml lotion for 190 pesos.

Same with the soap, I have been using the lotion for more than 2 weeks straight (no absent, at least once a day after every bath) and I am impressed with the fact that the lotion is easily absorbed on skin. 

Just to give a comparison - I bought this very expensive lotion during our trip to the US almost two years ago (I bought a lot and have been using it before discovering White Glow), and I regret buying it because after putting it on my skin, the lotion feels so "icky" and I feel uncomfortable. But I dealt on using it for the longest time because of the price I paid when I purchased it (ika nga: sayang kaayo ang kwarta kay gipalit na man nako, maypag gamiton nalang, iba).

But no jam - with White Glow's Hand and Body Lotion, no more icky feeling anymore! I love that it is easily absorbed by my skin PLUSSSS it smells so good! It kind of smells like baby lotion for some reason and is a bit nostalgic to be honest. But yeah, for me it smells so good!

Now those first two that I just wrote about are the products that made quite and impression on me. And partnered also with these three products -  the Day Cream, Night Cream and Toner   - altogether did wonders for my face in a short amount of time.

These three products - The Whitening Day Cream, Whitening Night Cream and Facial Toner - are already incorporated in my daily routine.

I use the Whitening Day Cream after washing my face in the morning and before putting on suncreen. And truth be told, my face feels very moisturized the whole day. For somebody who works in an office with aircon (an yes, aircon tends to make skin very dry), I have not once felt any dryness on my skin after using the day cream and also the lotion on my body.

After washing my face at night, I used the toner first to remove all the dirt and gunk from my face and neck. And afterwards, I use the night cream (putting a generous amount all over my face) before I sleep. When I wake up the next day, I can totally feel that my face is very moisturized. 

Oh and before I forget, these products are FDA approved. So you can really guarantee that these are products that you will not regret buying. Plus, the brand has been around for a long time already. 

WHITE GLOW products are available for purchase at OTOP - located at the 3rd floor of Abreeza Mall of Davao and at selected Davao Farmacia Southern pharmacies in the city.

For more information, you can check out their socials by clicking on the links below:



Disclaimer: My review is based on my honest experience of the products while using these for more than two weeks from the time of purchase. Products that work on me may or may not work for others.

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