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One of the reasons I look forward to during traveling is *drum roll please* ---- LOUNGE ACCESS. My family and I are blessed to get free lounge access thanks to my husband's credit card (of course, this is thanks to my brother in law who made my husband his supplementary). Without that perk, I don't think I would shell out a particular sum of money in order to enjoy any lounge access. (Welp, maybe you'll find me lounging around a coffee shop in an airport or something while waiting for my flight, lol.)

But again, thank God we have this perk so my family and I make sure we go a little extra early to the airport in order for us to enjoy lounge access. And one of the lounges that we stayed at while waiting for our flight to Macau last week is A LOUNGE - located at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1.

Based on the photo, the walk-in rate is Php 1,200. Since there are three of us in the family, that would equate to Php 3,600 in total. Honestly speaking, I would rather spend a fraction of that cost on a restaurant or a cafe nearby while waiting for our flight. But again, very thankful coz we have this perk!

This is what it looks like inside:

A Lounge is the smallest airport lounge that I have tried in Terminal 1 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Points of comparison: PAGSS and MARHABA Lounge). It was quite crowded when we got there and we had to wait for some to vacate their seats before we were able to settle down. 

I realized that my battery was already at 18% lol. Good thing we got a seat by the window that has a charging port. Whew. I had the chance to charge my phone while waiting for our flight.

I also like the fact that A Lounge has a television monitor that flashes updates on various international flights. 

Now, let's go to the exciting part of any lounge access ---- FOOOOD! *hihi*

For the drinks, there was a fridge that housed various sodas. I was kinda worried at first because I did not see any bottled water (which I intended to get for my son) but we later learned that you just need to ask the staff for bottled water and they'd give it to your right away. I guess they didn't just have it displayed. 

Oh and before I forget, they also serve beer, too! Lol. Sounds kind of good - drinking a cold beer just before a flight.

Coffee lovers are also in for a treat because there is a coffee machine on standby that serves different types of coffee. If I remember correctly, I got myself a nice hot latte during this particular visit.

Food options were limited (since A Lounge is, after all, quite smaller compared to other airport lounges in the terminal), but the options during our visit did not disappoint at all!

This siomai was very flavorful and was just *ehem* GIVING!

Not keen on eating viands before the trip, then bread is also one of the options.

And the big winner during our stay at A Lounge is this Tuna Caper Pasta. I admittedly went back like 5 times for this because my son (who is a picky eater, btw!) would not stop eating and would even ask for more. 

As for the food refills, they were quite fast in doing so. I never encountered an empty tray on the food section so I guess that staff was pretty attentive when it came to serving the customers.

Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos of the tables and chairs around the lounge because it was a full house and maybe somebody would get mad if they saw that I took photos candidly. But allow me to describe it instead: There were couches with tables on one side of the lounge, a big table with a few tall chairs by the window (where we stayed) and fairly comfy chairs and tables occupying the middle  part of the lounge. And electrical outlets were generously available to cater to the needs of those patiently waiting for their flight.

Even though A Lounge is quite small compared to other airline lounges in the area, I will still choose to stay there while waiting for my flight (of course, it there's vacancy. Lol)

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