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Monday, December 19, 2016

WHAT I WORE: White Boho top bought online | Navy Blue Harem Pants bought online | Neckline Necklace bought from Tomliz Uyanguren | Animal Print Bag | Glitter Round Flats from SM department store

This is cray! December is supposed to be known as the literal "COOL" month but right now it's so hot! For this OOTD, I chose to wear a white chiffon top because white is just the go to color and chiffon is the ideal fabric during those hot days because it doesn't trap the heat unlike other colors and heavy fabrics.

As for my pants... Loose please! This is not the weather to wear fitted pants. I couldn't wear shorts that day even if I wanted to but I went to a baptism earlier that day so wearing shorts is very inappropriate.

I really like this white-navy blue combo and I think I should use this color more often.


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