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The news is out! It’s time to move on from Rose Quartz and Serenity colors because for 2017, Greenery is going to rock the year!

The Greenery is part of the Pantone system. A pantone system is used in matching a variety of colors which is used in specific print inks. The pantone system is also able to produce other types of colors such as metallic and fluorescent colors. Each color in the pantone system has a code which identifies them from other colors in the system. It is also Pantone who declares what the color of the next year will be. Whatever Pantone declares as the color of the year, this is used by many fashion designers, make up line creators, interior designers, etc. as a guide and inspiration in their projects for the following year. That is how influential the Pantone system is.

For 2017, Pantone declared Greenery (Pantone 15-0343) as the color of the year.  This is seen as a sort of tangy yellow green color and is closely associated with nature because of its zesty green shade. This color brings on a feeling of freshness, new beginnings, to explore and to take a step back and reconnect with one’s self. The color itself gives a positive vibe to a stressful environment.

I can see 2017 as the perfect year for all of us to reconnect with nature as well. It may be in the form of planting more trees or taking care of a garden full of green plants. The greenery can also be incorporated in one’s diet. Eating more greens would be a good idea considering that many of today’s food consist of ingredients that tend to destroy one’s body.

As for fashion, I can totally see the Greenery color used by many fashion designers in their collections. What is good about the greenery is that it is present in all seasons. The color gives a refreshing take on fashion and a break from dark and heavy colors. I am sure that fashion designers and clothing lines will definitely have fun in experimenting with the Greenery color.

As for me, I have already found my initial inspirations of the Greenery color (or something close to it) via Chictopia.com. Here are some of my street style inspirations wearing 2017’s color of the year:



I cannot wait for Greenery to rule the fashion runways and hit the streets of the world. Oh, and if you can't remember what shade of Green is it, just think of Kermit the Frog.

image taken from Google

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