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Peplum tops are probably one of the most worn outfits. I noticed its popularity in 2014 when Hollywood celebrities started wearing this style via paparazzi pictures. Since then, I started collecting peplum tops to add to my closet's collection.

I have tried pairing peplum tops with shorts before but it never seems to work out for me. So whenever I wear peplum, I always pair these with skinny bottoms like in the pictures below.

1ST OUTFIT: Green Peplum Top bought from my friend | Black Thick Leggings from 382 | Green Transparent Flats from Celine | Aztec Necklace from Tomliz

2ND OUTFIT: Blue with Checkered Details bought online | Black Thick Leggings from 382 | Nude Flats from SM Department Store | Necklace from Forever1

I can honestly say that pairing Peplum with Tight Bottoms is a good decision. I like how the top balances out the tightness of my leggings. Wearing Peplum tops is like wearing a short dress as a top which is kind of cute. That's what makes this style a hit lately.

Oh, and did I mention that I totally love this pair of tight leggings? I got it from 382 but I can't find their website anymore. I wanted to buy another pair since this one is like a few years old already but I couldn't find the website and I'm kind of sad about that. Anyway, this pair is still fine though.

I still have a few Peplum tops in my closet. Itching to wear those in 2017. 

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