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WHAT I WORE: Light Purple Jumpsuit bought from JS Gaisano Ilustre| Gold Necklace from Gaisano Mall Department Store| Animal Print Bag bought in College | Diana Ferrari White Wedge Shoes, a gift from my Auntie Pamela.

Mr. A and I got invited to one of my friend's wedding last night and this is what I wore. It was either this jumpsuit or my green maxi dress but this outfit was more inline with what the couple required in their invitation. 
I remember buying this dress last year at JS Gaisano Ilustre mall and I got this for a great deal. This was on sale for Php 400 plus pesos from its original price of Php 1100 plus. This is the second time that I've worn this dress. The first time I wore this was last year to a friend's wedding too.

What I like about jumpsuits is that it can also be considered formal like long dresses. For so many years, I thought it was a general rule to ONLY wear dresses during weddings or special occasions. But later on, I learned that jumpsuits can be worn too, just as long as it looks formal. (take note: there are jumpsuits out there that are not fit for formal occasions.)

I also decided to use my animal print bag last night to match with my jumpsuit. I bought this one when I was still in college. I remember saving up for it because it was quite expensive for a student back then. I was and still am a fan of  animal printed stuff. Prints like this really catch my attention. I actually have a collection full of animal printed stuff like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles - but I somehow lost a few of those when I transferred to Mr. A's house. Ugh. Sad.
Animal prints are really one of the prints that are still popular even up to now. I can still see animal prints being rocked by fashionistas in Chictopia.com when I browse for inspirations. But one general rule that I can share is that animal prints shouldn't be overdone. I had a classmate back in college who, like me, loved animal prints. But that one particular Wednesday Washday was a fashion disaster for her. Why? She wore an animal print top (cheetah), an animal print pair of jeans (zebra) and her bag was an animal printed (cheetah) too. And she looked like somebody that came out of the jungle. No kidding! It didn't look nice at all.
So yeah, for animal prints - don't overdo it! Oh, and pair it with plains so that it will stand out.

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