By Athina Angliongto - 10:42:00 PM

WHAT I WORE: Cream Sleeveless top bought from Bangkok, Necklace from a street vendor, Black and White Checkered pants bought from a friend, and Nude Flats from SM Department Store.

I really have a thing for anything black and white - plains or the printed ones. That explains the purchase of the black and white checkered pants in this OOTD post. I mean, I just really love these two colors. I think that they are the two colors that are very safe to fashionably play with. And both can be mixed with other colors as well. 

The pants in this OOTD were bought from a friend who sells clothes. When I first saw the pants, I wanted to try it right away. So I took it home that very night and yaaaas! IT FIT! So yeah, SOLD!
Another thing I like about the pants is that it is garterized. I have repeatedly mentioned in my previous posts that I have a hard time buying pairs of pants because I am blessed with a big bottom. The tendency is that they never get pass my behind area. So yeah, garterized pants are definitely the answer to my problems. And that garterized thing applies to shorts, skirts and all bottoms out there - currently dependent on garters so that these would fit me.

As for this necklace, I bought this one from a vendor who sells a lot of accessories just near our house. I was walking around that area one day and I saw a vendor who sold this for only 50 pesos. I bought one immediately. I wanted to buy more and give the necklaces out as gifts but I wasn't able to bring enough cash so I told him I'll just come back and buy around 10 necklaces. But when I came back the following day, he wasn't there anymore. Maybe he transferred to another selling area. Sayang!

The sleeveless cropped top was a good pair with the pants because it was a safe color to not take away the focus on the pants since I wanted the pants to dominate my OOTD. The necklace was also a good addition to the simple top that I wore. As for the shoes, nude is also a safe color. I wanted to wear my emerald green flats but I figured that it wouldn't work with the pants. So, nah!

Aside from this black and white checkered pants, I also bought a pair of soft denim pants which is also garterized. Soft denims are easy and can be styled with so many possibilities. I'm saving that for a future OOTD post. Stay tuned, loves.

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