OOTD BY MRS. A | Harem pants is not yet out!

By Athina Angliongto - 10:57:00 PM

Some would say that Harem pants are “soooo last season!” Okay so maybe it is a bit “sooo last season” but I still see a lot of women wearing harem pants. Hey, even if it’s not “in-season” does not mean you can’t wear ‘em, right?

Yesterday was the first day of my bazaar in NCCC Mall of Davao. I chose to wear a comfortable ensemble – White Semi Cropped Top, Animal Print *Harem Pants and my fave now-dirty white sneaks. 
*Harem pants are loose fitting pants that lock in the ankle or foot area. In this case, the Harem pants I'm wearing in this OOTD post is up to knee-length Harems. One of a kind find :)
I have worn that top like figuratively a hundred times already. I just love how loose it is and it’s just really comfy. The downside is that sometimes when I wear low-waist pants, I get a bit conscious if my tummy or back area gets exposed. That’s why I wear it with high waist bottoms.
The animal print Harem pants, which I bought like 7 years ago (yes, you read it right, 7 YEARS AGO) is still alive! Hahahaha. Kidding aside, it is actually one of my favorite clothes rack staples. It’s been 7 years since I bought that one and I never took it out of my closet and clothes rack. I’m a big fan of anything that has animal prints on it or clothing that’s safari-themed, and this harem pants really caught my eye. And hello! We’ve been together for 7 years. Lels.
And the dirty sneaks… well, it was white as snow when I bought it. Hahaha. But those sneakers have been everywhere! I even took it to Indonesia early this year and that’s when the discoloration happened, in between adventures. But I still love this dirty ‘ol pair. It came in handy too when Mr. A and I were looking for Pokemons at People’s park last night.  Hahahaha.
Like I always say, comfort over fashion.

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