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By Athina Angliongto - 10:49:00 PM

Hello Hello Again!
Took two days off from work to focus on my bazaar and participate in various activities during the Kadayawan season. Oh I just love Kadayawan. Proud to be a citizen of Davao! :)
Today's the 4th day of the NCCC bazaar which I am a part of. I have to say that it literally took me like 30 minutes in the morning just to think of what to wear. 
So yeah, after 30 minutes and 4 clothing changes, I finally decided on this for the day's OOTD

this is not yet it... wait for it

What I wore: Black and White Striped Tight Dress + Royal Blue Loose Top and White Sneaks
Oh, I forgot about my necklace. hehe

Okay, so every piece of clothing and accessory that I wore today are either old, errrr... or I can consider "ancient" pieces from my clothing collection
I remember buying the Royal Blue Top at one of the malls in Davao City during a Kadayawan Sale (perfect timing, it's the anniversary month!) when I was still in college... which was like sooo 7 to 8 years ago!
The Black and White Striped tight dress is one of the pieces I got during one of my Christmas hauls in 2012. I bought the necklace together with the dress and they are from the same haul. Okay, so maybe 4 years ago isn't as "ancient" as the one I bought from college.
And hello hello again to my ever reliable White Sneaks!
I actually got good feedbacks about this outfit while I was at the bazaar. Well, the girls actually thought I was wearing a tight skirt together with my loose top. When I told them it was a dress, they were pretty shocked and thought it was a great idea.
Now the reason why I thought of putting this outfit together was because of a bad experience I had with skirts and loose tops. I remembered buying one of those popular tight aztec skirts and paired it with a plain loose top and ended up exposing my fat belly for the world to see (and trust me, it wasn't a pretty sight to see. haha)
The loose top tends to just, well, flow in whatever direction especially if the wind makes its present known. That's what happened to me... the wind went upwards and exposed my belly and ughhhh... talk about embarrassment!
So by wearing a loose top over a tight dress, it creates the idea of wearing a skirt but will not expose anything if the loose top flows to whatever. The tight dress is still there to cover the body. Good idea, eh? Yeah, thought so too. Hahaha. All thanks to trauma and embarrassment.
I still have a few tight dresses and loose tops over here. Watch out for another Tight Dress + Loose top combo :)

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