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By Athina Angliongto - 3:48:00 PM

What I love most about no work days is that's definitely the perfect excuse to dress up!
So anyway, here's another TIGHT DRESS edition brought to you by yours truly
During the previous post, I showed how I paired a tight dress with a loose top
For this post, I'll be showing how I styled the two tight dresses I wore during the last two days of my bazaar
(okay, what is up with me and tight dresses lately? lol
Anyway, this is the first outfit
Again, Mr. A hates it when I wear tight fitting dresses and what more this dark green origami dress that has a visible slit on the leg area. Ugh, major No No!

BIG NO! - Mr. A
I don't wanna throw it out, of course. So instead, I paired it with this animal printed origami shorts which I bought online 2 years ago.

lovin' the animal print details on this shorts
and of course, to add a bit of ooomph to the outfit

 Put these three together, and voila!

What I wore: Dark Green Dress with uni-slit, Animal Printed Origami Shorts, Necklace from Tomato and Trusty ol' dirty white sneaks (not super visible in the picture)

I have to say that the dress and shorts really go well together :)

Let's move on to the 2nd outfit

So here's another tight dress that I bought online last year. This is what we call a Varsity dress because of its sporty look


I remember wearing this early this year to a breakfast buffet date with Mr.A, and needless to say he was not really into this outfit as it was a bit tight. 

Wearing this again for the second time, I decided to pair it with this polka dotted skorts (shorts that looks like a skirt, because it's quite flowy) that I got while I was still in college.

again, putting the two together... and VOILA!

What I wore: Hype Varsity Dress, Polka Dotted Skorts, and say hello to my Sky Blue flats

I just love how this shoe adds a pop of color to the majority WHITE outfit
Re the shoes: I bought this one last year but this was the first time I wore this. Lol! That's how many shoes I have. And I'm sure I still have some more that I haven't worn yet. I need to dig deeper into the shoe closet.
So yeah, confused as to what to do with those tight dresses? Especially if your significant others don't want you to wear the dress? Just add shorts (even skirts can do the trick), tuck it in and BAM! You have an OOTD.

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