By Athina Angliongto - 7:31:00 PM

Last night was really emotionally draining, not only for me but for a lot of people as well. Around 10 in the evening on September 2, 2016, a bomb exploded at the popular Night Market Roxas. As of the last count, 14 lives have perished and more than 60 are wounded and still recovering in various hospitals in the city.
All Davaoenyos know this place. I myself even frequent this place after work. Roxas Night Market has become a "must go to place" in the city. Even those who do not live in Davao know about its popularity. There's food, thrifted clothing, bags and shoes for sale, snacks, cellphone accessories, knock off items just to name a few that can be found there.
Let's not forget the massage the middle of the night market. The massage therapists who are trained to carefully press on our skin and muscles to calm our nerves and bodies after a stressful day. Some may find it painful but very worth it after the 30 -Minute massage session. and a lot of people would rather come here instead of going to spas to get a massage. Why? It only costs 70 pesos for food like a massage, head massage for 90 and if I'm not mistaken, around 200 pesos for the whole body massage.
Now, why am I dwelling about the massage area? Well, that was where the unfortunate incident happened specifically. (I pause as I remember everything that I read, heard and saw on television since last night.)
The bomb reportedly exploded inside a bag that was left near one of the seats in the massage area. This resulted to 14 casualties and more than 60 being given medical attention up to this hour. I was shocked indeed! Mr. A and I frequent that place, even so the massage area. I love getting my massages there because of the price and the massage therapists are really good. My heart is crying for those who died, the families they left behind, and also for those who were behind this merciless act.

Please, please pray for Davao City and for the whole country. Please also pray for President Rodrigo Duterte. I know this act is really to shake him because the enemies know that the President loves Davao City. And they would do anything to bring him down, literally and emotionally. 
Davao City will rise above this. Davao City is a great city. We have always had a great leader in the form of Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte now President. We shall show the world that whatever challenges that are thrown on us, we will not be shaken. God is with us. God will not leave us and our beloved President.

Pray ... Pray ... Prayer moves mountains ... in ways that you would not expect.

God bless us all.

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