10 Random Facts about MRS. A

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Warning: Slightly LONG and BORING post up ahead! Read at your own RISK! =P
I was challenged by my friend and co-blogger, Miel Laquindanum (click HERE to check out her blog - Caramielrush)  to do a post about 10 Random Facts about yourself. So here's what I have in my bag.

me and dad on my wedding day
I am a Daddy’s Girl – my friends would tease me before and would call me the “1-800-Daddy’s girl”. I am very close with my dad. Whenever I had homework, I always asked him for help. Whenever I had problems at school, I would always call him to pick me up. Even up to now that I’m already 27 and married, I still seek my dad’s advice on basically EVERYTHING! And even without him asking, I would always update him on my whereabouts (take note, I’m already married and I still do this!) He’s not perfect but he’s definitely the perfect Dad for me. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

A traveler, an adventurer, but not a fan of Airplane rides – I mean, really? Am I the only one? Most people would not believe this especially since a lot of them know that I really love to travel. I get bitten by the Asian travel bug every now and then. I have waited patiently in line at Hong Kong Disneyland just to hug Mickey Mouse, got lost in Senado Square looking for that popular Milk Pudding place in Macau while I stuffed myself up with free beef jerkies being offered by store owners on the streets, stepped on the beaches and admired the beauties of Lady Boys of Pattaya in Thailand, went shopping, spent all my pocket money, and got lost in the early morning bazaars of Pratunam, Bangkok, walked more than an hour under the heat of the sun just to see the Merlion in Singapore, climbed the temples of Borobudur (oh, and threw up on it too. Thank God I did not get deported by barfing on a historical tourist spot) and Prambanan with my sister in Jogjakarta, spent my honeymoon in Bali and experienced the number 1 water themepark (Waterbom) and watched Balinese Fire Dancers bust flaming moves, and devoured spicy seafoods, sate and ayam Rica Rica in Jakarta, Indonesia.
So you see, I am quite a traveler myself. But going to those places was not easy. I honestly hate airplane rides! I mean, I love going to places, I just hate how to get there. I never really had a bad experience with airplanes but I just hate the waiting game in airports, and sitting for hours while feeling all the turbulence, not being able to sleep comfortably (times I wished I had a bed inside the airplane). And it’s just tiring. It drains all my energy. Ugh, I wanna teleport instead! Can somebody please invent a real teleporter already! Sheeesh!
Here's a mini photo collection of all my travels so far

Hong Kong 2013 - Oh Mickey you're so fine!
Macau 2014: Ruins of St. Paul

Singapore 2014: at the Merlion with my sister and best friend
Bangkok 2014: chillin' with the birds at one of the city's parks
Pattaya 2014: Walking Street
Jogjakarta 2015: Borobudur temple with my sister, aunt and uncle

Jogjakarta 2015: Prambanan Temple behind me.

Jakarta 2013: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park)
Bali 2016: Padang Padang Beach (where Eat Pray Love was filmed)

Why MRS. A ???????  
SOON TO BE MRS. A - my bridal shower last August 2015

When it finally sank in that I was going to be Mrs. Angliongto, I realized that I was about to have a new family name which has 10 letters on it, versus the 6 letters on my maiden name which I was used to for the past 25 years! It's not that I'm complaining, I love my new family name! But it was just a bit of a struggle at first, even the pronunciation! So I coined myself as Mrs. A... A for Angliongto. Then people loved the idea and started calling me that up to now. Now you know. Haha.

Indonesia is my 2nd favorite country – I just LOVE INDONESIA! I have been there three times and each and every time, I would always visit Jakarta. I have an Uncle and an Aunt who live there and whenever I’m in town, we would always hit the best restaurants and eat the best Indonesian food the metro has to offer. My personal favorite is Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), Ayam Rica Rica (Pronounced as RICHA-RICHA; Chicken in Spicy Sauce), Balinese Duck from Bebek Bengil (my Favorite Indonesian Restaurant), and Sate in Peanut Sauce (which is my uncle’s favorite). Oh and did I mention I can understand and speak a bit of Bahasa Indonesia too? Well why couldn’t I if I had been there three times already and most Indonesians can’t speak English so I really had no choice but to learn how to speak the language in order to communicate with them. I can even count from one to ten! And my favorite Indonesian show is EAT BULAGA! INDONESIA which is a Philippine franchise of our local Eat Bulaga! Haha sorry but I think it’s quite an achievement.

ladies and gentlemen, my favorite - Nasi Goreng
Back when I was in the 3rd grade, it was my dream to go to Jogjakarta to see the famous Buddhist temple, the Borobudur. And my aunt made my dream come true during my 2nd trip to Indonesia with my sister back in 2015. We went to Jogjakarta via an 8-hour train ride from Jakarta. The next day, I was standing on the middle of Borobudur temple. That was one hot day, and unfortunately, I couldn’t stand the heat so I threw up at one of the stairs going up the temple. That was pretty embarrassing considering there were a lot of tourists during that time. A dream come true indeed, (errr minus the throwing up part). And I have my uncle and my aunt to thank for that opportunity 
so yeah, this photo was taken literally like minutes before I threw up. Gah!
I even spent my honeymoon in Indonesia. Mr. A and I went to Bali and spent three amazing days there. And yeah, Bali was definitely my first choice for a romantic getaway.

Uluwatu Temple plus the Indian Ocean just right behind us. What a view!
Kuta Beach, Bali with our matching shorts

Monumen Nasional (my favorite park) and wearing the colors of the Indonesia Flag

My favorite song is an Indonesian song by T-Five titled “KAU” and it’s on repeat every time I take a bath. I have even memorized the song already even if I don’t understand all the words. Haha! I am even in touch with one of their members. We like tweet each other and stuff! He knows that I'm like their number 1 fan in the PH. 
See, that’s how much I love Indonesia. I can be one of them already! 

Goldfish mode is always on! – You know the description about goldfishes? Goldfishes’ attention span is really short like around 9 to 10 seconds. And that’s pretty much my life story every single day. It’s really hard for me to pay attention to a certain thing and I always end up getting distracted by another thing. Mr. A is the numero uno person who notices that. And whenever that tendency comes up, he’d be like “Love, you are on goldfish mode again”… And I snap back into focusing on what I’m supposed to be focusing on. But recent study states that humans’ attention span is now shorter than that of goldfishes. I guess I’m back to normal! Hehe.

Basta Drayber, Sweet Laberrr (basta manual)– I started driving since I was 16 years old. But I wasn’t allowed to drive by myself until I was in my latter years in college. I remember I was around 7 or 8 years old at the time when I asked my dad to teach me how to drive. Of course, he said no. So I continued to ask him every year during my birthdays until he finally said yes when I turned 16. My first car was a Dark Violet Box Type Mitsubishi Lancer, we sold that one and the next one I used was another Box Type Mitsubishi Lancer (Dark Green in Color). 

oh, say hi to my friend, HARVEY =P Bunch, if you're reading this.  Sorry for bringing this photo up haha!
That car eventually gave up on me and my parents allowed me to borrow their Isuzu Big Horn which I drove for 4 years before getting married. 

My buddy going to and from Toril every day

Now, Mr. A and I own a limited edition Sportivo which we named TOMI. And all these cars I drove are Manual Transmission. It’s my personal preference. I love the challenge of driving in the middle of traffic in Stick Shift. Automatic transmission is okay and saves the hassle and leg pain during traffic but I don’t know, I just love the challenge. Oh, and Mr. A just loves the fact that he married somebody who knows how to drive. He makes me drive whenever he just feels like being a passenger and sit pretty. I can fetch him from the Airport when he comes home from Manila or anywhere, and we can always switch places when he gets tired from long drives. Haha. Yeah, I’m not like one of those “Naa kay car” girls. Independent woman right hurrrr.

I have a hard time speaking in Tagalog – and I would rather get tongue twisted speaking in English than get all messed up in speaking Tagalog. This is a real struggle for me because majority of my in-laws speak in Tagalog (Mr. A grew up in Manila). I have always spoken the Visayan Language and in school, I spoke in English (during class hours only with my classmates. Or else, we pay 1 peso per non-English word). I rarely spoke Tagalog because I grew up speaking Visayan and English. It’s not that I don’t know how to speak in Tagalog, but I am just not confident in talking in Tagalog. So whenever I talk in Tagalog, I have to pause and think what the correct word is which sometimes result in KROOOO KROOO moments with the one I am talking to. Right now I’m getting a bit more practice especially if my in laws are in town or when my husband and I go home to Manila. I’ll get used to it eventually

Shhhh… I married my BOSS *wink* - Well, he was my boss when we got together. It was sort of a not-so-secret love affair between a bank teller and a supervisor. We were always together going to and from the office on weekdays, on weekends we’d be at the malls or at my house watching DVDs and TV. It was obvious that we were an item. People would ask if we were together but we just kept on denying and denying. Until one day, we just decided to make it Facebook Official (whatta term, haha!) and people were like “yeah, we know already”. I mean that was how obvious we were. Then came the time when we were assigned in different branches because of bank policy and he was no longer my boss. After 2 years of being together, he popped the big question in Jack’s Ridge and ta-dahhh, eventually got hitched and had the most amazing garden wedding EVER (bias remark). We are about to celebrate our first year anniversary as husband and wife. Exciting! 

This is what surprised me after I came back from Boracay with my bestfriend in 2013.


PERDITA, the Persian na Maldita! – Okay so everybody knows this... Mr. A and I own the most beautiful cat (of course, for us) in the whole world! A Calico (three colored) Doll Faced Persian Cat that we adopted last December 10, 2015. Her full name is PERDITA BELLITA ANGLIONGTO. We named her Perdita because for one, she's a Persian Cat and two, cats tend to be a bit snobbish and have a bit of an attitude. Bellita, because of the bell on her collar. But to my surprise, Perdita is not the maldita type. In fact, she is the sweetest cat ever! But sometimes, she gets to be a bit shy. She also has her mood swings. Typical Girl, ya know.

I think that the paper soap is the best invention ever! The paper soap is my bestfriend

I have to be honest here… not all restrooms have liquid soaps, which I hate especially when I need to wash my hands. But thanks to the best invention evahhhhh, I need not fret anymore. My sister in law, Achi Candy, gave me a lemon scented paper soap which she bought during her trip to Japan last year. And it has become my buddy ever since. I cannot live without it. When my baby sister went to Japan early this year, I asked her to buy me more paper soaps. I couldn’t find paper soaps in the Philippines (although I've been told that there are some being sold in Manila) so it’s good that I have buffer stocks of paper soaps. I cannot go out anywhere without this. Swear! This is the best hygiene buddy ever. No liquid soap, it’s okay! I have paper soap

So there you go - 10 random (slightly boring) facts about yours truly.
If you read the post up to this point, Congratulations! That means I didn't bore you to sleep. HAHA!

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