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By Athina Angliongto - 7:21:00 PM

Grrrrr… I can’t believe I’m gonna be in Cebu for a whole month starting next week! Some would be ecstatic to be going on out of town trainings but uh-uh, not me. Especially if that means leaving my family, my husband and my cat at home. This trip is definitely an “I need to go” rather than “I want to go”- Job vs Vacation. Ah well, good thing I have friends in Cebu though. That’s one consolation to hold on to.

So anyway, enough of the drama and shedding of tears *sniff*. I’ve started packing and I have been asked so many times before on what are the things I usually bring during out of town trips and how I fold my clothes and other tips. I have been known by close friends to be a bit of a traveler. So I think this is the perfect time to blog about it and impart a bit of what I have learned after a bit of travelling. Here are my 16 (trust me, it was hard to trim it down to 10 or something) must haves during trips!

IDs, Passport – this is required especially during check in at the airport if the name of the IDs is the same with that of the tickets. For international flights, don’t forget the Passport (very important!) Bus terminals sometimes require this too but very sparingly as per my observation. The usual IDs being accepted are government IDs like SSS, Driver’s License, etc and valid Company and School Ids are also accepted. In the event that (God forbid) an accident happens, an ID can help in contacting relatives for assistance. So it’s really a must to bring an ID everywhere.

Paper Soap - I mentioned in my previous blog post that the paper soap is my best friend! And I can never go anywhere without it. Again, the reason being the fact that not all public toilets have soaps near the sink. A paper soap comes in handy when I need to wash my hands and there's no soap around. And it's very light to carry too. No soap, no problem! Paper soap to the rescue!

Disposable Undies/Napkins – this is my total must have especially during vacations. I usually buy a pack of 5 or 6 at Watsons and I just throw them away after using. Disposable undies tend to be quite expensive but it saves time and energy in washing underwear on every trip. No side A, side B please! This goes for napkins and pantyliners, too just in case a “visitor” wants to tag along.

Hanger/s – this is a must have especially for those who will be out of town for a while (like in my case next week), and bringing an extra hanger or two really helps because sometimes even the classiest hotels provide a few hangers only.  Like during our trip to Singapore 2 years ago. We stayed at a dorm type hostel and had no hangers whatsoever! Good thing I was able to bring two hangers for my towel to hang on and for the outfit I was to wear the next day.

Beauty Fixes for Nightly Routine – of course! This should not be forgotten. I make it a point that even after being out all day while exploring the city, I would still do my nightly routine of putting facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer on my face.  Aside from this, I never travel without my SGT at ARMS deo spray. It is a forever everywhere staple of mine.

Make-Up – The concealer and Powder are my bestfriends! I really hate it when I lack sleep then have to be up early for tours the next day. But these two really help me a lot! Then of course, don’t forget the usual eyeshadow, mascara, blush on, bb cream, etc. Hey, who wants to look haggard during vacation and out of town photo ops?

Bath Essentials– I don’t like relying on hotel shampoo, soaps and conditioner with the hotel’s names on ‘em. Some are made of poor quality to be honest. I still want to use the ones I usually use back at home. I want to stick to routine.  So what I do is I bring a few sachets of my preferred shampoo, cut in half a bit of soap to conveniently bring, and put on a separate small plastic bottle ample amount of conditioner.

Minimal Accessories – and bring staples! What I normally do is first, I decide on what clothes to wear. And from there, I pick a necklace or two (same with earrings and bracelets) that closely match all the outfits I am going to bring and there! No need to bring the entire accessory collection.

IPOD! – I cannot live without music! Especially during long airplane rides or long waits at the airport.

Powerbank/Extra chargers – gadgets are indeed helpful but some batteries drain so fast in a short  span of time! It pays to bring chargers or a powerbank to prolong the battery life and will last you while being out before returning to the hotel.

Extra Cash/secret credit card – If possible, stick to the allotted budget for the trip. But it also pays to keep a bit of extra and just use it when really needed. In my case, I have a credit card extension from my dad which I can use for emergencies. Yeah, it helps! You’ll never know when you need it, right?

Additional Tip: Prepare money in small bills. It comes in handy when buying food from stalls, paying for transportation, etc.

Camera, click! – for the memories, of course! May it be just a camera smartphone or a separate digital camera. Don’t miss out on those priceless smiles!

Monopod/Tripod – in relation to number 11 especially if traveling alone or there’s just nobody to take a picture of you.

A scanned copy of one’s ID or passport hidden in the pockets of the checked in bags – this is applicable even for those who only have hand carry bags with them! This is one way of helping the airport personnel in the event that the bags get lost in transit. Once found, they would ask the owner what are the contents of the luggage, and of course, one proof of ownership would be putting a scanned copy of an ID and Passport somewhere in the bag. Problem solved!

Luggage scale – this is what my husband and I bring all the time when on vacation. We don’t want to be charged with excess baggage.

Rosary – I never, ever leave home without my Rosary. It just completes me. And I know a lot of people who do the same. This is my way of asking for guidance everywhere I go.

So there you have it! My 16 -narrowed down- MUST HAVES during trips. I’ll be doing a separate VLOG about this and also a few travel tips on my Youtube Channel soon. I just need a little more time to fix it.

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