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My Favorite Photo of Chukoy and Loki
 So you may be wondering why such the title. Actually, aside from the fact that I have been busy with work and training in Cebu, I have been putting off with writing this post for a while because every time I think about it, tears start falling from my eyes.

I have two dogs, Logan (but my Dad calls him Chukoy, so we got used to calling him that) and Loki. We first got Logan and his brother (both like 2 months old at the time) around year 2010 a few months after our former dog, Trix, died. A month after we got the doggie brothers, Logan's brother died so he was the only dog left with us.

Logan, or Chukoy, as he is fondly called, was definitely my best friend. I remember I used to go outside the house at around 9 in the evening, just sit in the garden and cry a lot. Those were the times in my life that I was experiencing a lot of downs, sadness. I didn't want my parents to see me cry, so I would go out and cry at the garden. And Chukoy would just come near me, and would just sit with me. He would stare at me and it's like he is telling me to stop crying and that everything is gonna be okay. 

I know Chukoy was the jealous type of dog because when my boyfriend, now husband, at the time would visit me, he would literally like CRY when he hears his car. And that was actually one indication of ours that my boyfriend was already nearby. It was amazing! He could hear my boyfriend's car way before we could. So yeah, if we hear Chukoy crying, we know that my man is coming. Haha! And yeah, he would cry and cry - just like how a baby cries. I know he was jealous. But eventually, he warmed up to my boyfriend.

Chukoy is also my dancing partner. As silly as it may sound, when I go home after work, I always take time to dance with him.. well, it's not really a typical long dance. I guess those dances with Chukoy lasts only for like 10 seconds or so. But yeah, I just love it when we dance.
dancing partners
After 5 years, my boyfriend at the time (now husband) gave us a puppy from their farm in Malita who we named Loki. And boy did Loki really live up to his name! He was the type of dog that was very naughty! I remember how he would piss Chukoy off and run around jumping at everybody. Boy, that dog was full of energy! I guess that's why sometimes he and Chukoy would fight because Loki would be running and be all about Chukoy's business while Chukoy just wants to sit back and relax. I guess their age difference has a lot to do with that.
My family and I joked around that Loki was our so-called "Garbage Disposal". It's funny when my mom gives them each food and Loki is the first one who finishes his meal and tries to steal some from Chukoy... which ends up getting Chukoy angry at Loki and they sort of fight. Loki was really that greedy when it came to food. But he never got fat, by the way.
I think he was amazed to see himself for the first time
But sadly, I lost both my dogs in a week. I was in Cebu for a month's training. During my second Sunday at the Queen City of the South, I received a call from my sister saying that Chukoy had passed on. I couldn't contain my tears. A few days later, my sister called again and told me we lost Loki too. Imagine what I had to go through that week, being away from home and losing two of my bestfriends is no joke. That was definitely heavy for me. I cried myself to sleep during those nights.
My sister took these photos. I'm sorry if they seem to be a bit graphic. But I just had to.. =(
Both of them died of the same reason, DOG LICE. My mom and my dad spent a lot just to buy their medicine but the Lice really took over their bodies and hence, killed them. Chukoy was 6 years old, Loki was just a year old =(
Dog lice is no joke guys. If you have dogs at home, you better take good care of them and make sure they don't have any lice living in and on your dogs. I don't blame my parents. My dad and my mom tried their very best to save our dogs. But I guess Chukoy and Loki couldn't take the pain the lice are causing them anymore. Both of them became grumpy and up to the point that they don't want my parents near them when they need to be given their medicine.
I am writing this post not only to warn Pet Owners out there, but I also want to send out a message to my dogs. Because maybe, in Dog Heaven, they would be able to read and understand what I want to tell them right now.

Dear Chukoy and Loki,

I just wanna say that I miss you guys. I'm sorry if I had to leave you both last year when I got married. But I always visit you guys at home almost every week, right? Chukoy, Loki, thank you so much for being such good guard dogs. Oh boy am I crying while I'm writing this. I miss you guys so much. I wanna hug you both right now. Thank you.. thank you for putting smiles on our faces even if you are so makulit. Thank you for being there for me while I was just sitting quietly, crying at the garden. Thank you for keeping us company. Thank you for loving us. We know you treated us as your whole world. You loved us more than you loved yourselves. Chukoy, I will miss our dances, our one-way conversations. Loki, I will miss it when you wait for me at the door after I wake up. Say hi to Trix for us okay. Tell him we miss him too. I hope you guys have a blast there in Dog Heaven. I know you are both in a better place now. At least there are no dog lices there. I'm sure there's a dog food buffet too. I love you both so much. You will always be in my heart. xoxo ATHINA xoxo

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  1. Hala ka . Ung dalawa pa tlaga :( condolence te .

    1. Thank you so much. Oo nga eh. Dalawa talaga nawala.