By Athina Angliongto - 12:43:00 PM

Okay so I just coined this term now.. "OOTD SELFIE". Why? Because I am currenly in Cebu and there is nobody to take a decent OOTD shot of me with my weekend outfits. Ugh, sucks. I miss Mr. A so bad... who happens to be my OOTD photographer. Ugh... =(
Anyway, enough of the sad stuff. Like I said, I coined this because earlier today, I wanted to blog about my Saturday Blogging Day outfit. However, again, there's nobody to take a picture of me wearing the outfit. So this is what I did. TA-DAHHH! SELFIE

bear with me. haha
What I Wore: White Sleeveless top (which I have had since College, and it's still alive!) and floral skorts I got abroad. Oh, and let's not forget the choker that I bought from Divisoria.

It's really hard you know, wanting my OOTD photos taken so bad. But luh, I just can't ask a random person and be like "hey, can you take a photo of me wearing this outfit". Nuh-Uh, I can't just do that man! Haha. Can't wait to be back in Davao soon and let my husband take my photos. 

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