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What I look forward to during the weekends is that I can finally have time to do chores around the house. This is one downside of having a job that is strictly the so-called 9-5 job (well mine’s 8:30 to 5:30) is that majority of the day is spent in the office. Unlike those with home-based jobs, they can do housework or anything in between because their office is just at the comfort of their own houses.
How about doing chores after work? Well, sometimes I’m just too tired to do any housework when I go home from work. But sometimes when I still have energy, I do the laundry at night before I go to sleep. However, it is during Saturdays that I have enough time to do anything that needs to be done. Like this particular weekend. Mr. A and I finally had the chance to clean our room because Perdita is not around. She’s spending a 2-week vacation at my parents’ house so that gives us the perfect chance to clean. Trust me when I say that it’s hard to clean the house if a cat is around. Cats are really curious by nature. And I don’t want Perdita to get vacuumed again like what happened last time. Whew!
I woke up at around 6 in the morning but got out of bed around 8, did 15 minutes of hula hooping before grabbing the new broom and dustpan that Mr. A and I bought last week. And OMG! I never realized our room was THAT DIRTY! I guess that’s what happens when one owns a Persian Cat – FUR EVERYWHERE! It took us around 30 minutes of sweeping and dusting before we could declare our room as clean. Haha. Though I’m not complaining. We love Perdita! And her fur is definitely part of the package.
Aside from sweeping, I finally had the chance to arrange our vanity table. This photo is actually the AFTER photo. I took a BEFORE photo before arranging everything but nah, it’s too embarrassing to show. Okay the things on the table are still not that super arranged but it’s way better than what it was before I did a few arrangements.

Mr. A and I also segregated a few things and threw out a lot of boxes that were just lying around our room. After cleaning, it looks like our room just got a bit bigger. No more useless boxes lying around the floor. It’s really good to allot a bit of time for cleaning despite any busy schedule. It’s also good for health reasons. Hey, who wants to sleep in a dirty room, eh?

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