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There's something about CROPPED tops that attracts me into buying them even if I know I don't have a perfect body to wear one. But thanks to the invention of high waist bottoms, wearing cropped tops nowadays is not only about exposing one's belly button, but simply anybody (yes, anybody even the fatties) can wear it without getting judgmental stares from conservative people.

WHAT I WORE: Aztec Cropped top bought online | Jeggings from KCC Mall of Gensan Department Store | Emerald colored shoes from SM Supermarket

This is the second time I've worn this cropped top. The first time I wore it, I paired it with black shorts. Mr. A didn't seem too happy about it because 1.) The shorts weren't the highwaisted type of shorts and 2.) My stomach was very visible for the world to see. So I learned from that fashion blunder and opted to wear a highwaisted bottom with this cropped top, such as this pair of jeggings that I bought from KCC Gensan last May. What I like about this pair of jeggings is that it fits me well. (Disclaimer: It is not totally a highwaisted jeggings but it is the style fit to hide what has to be hidden) I honestly have a hard time looking for the right pair of bottoms because I have a big ASSet (if you know what I mean). But this one was perfect. It was a rare find so I had to have it. I want to but another pair but of a different color but apparently, this was the last one. Lucky me!

Oh and a few of my readers on  my blog reacted to the fact that some of the shoes I own are bought from SM Supermarket. They were actually clarifying if I really meant Department Store and not Supermarket. Girls girls girls... I really bought those shoes from SM SUPERMARKET. They actually have a shelf full of shoes and the designs are really nice. Check these out! Sadly I haven't been back to any SM Supermarket lately because we live a bit far from any SM Supermarket but if we go back, I'm pretty sure I'll be looking at the shoe section at the SM Supermarket again.

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