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Most people would love to have a sick day or two in their working life. I guess that’s one escape of theirs to either 1.) Not see their bosses, 2.) Do manual/mind-boggling labor, or 3.) Endure that long, exhausting commute to and from the office. Whatever their reasons may be, bottom line is that yeah, most would like to have a real deal sick day or two in order to rest.
Call me weird but to be honest, I hate having to be sick during a working day. I hate it when my body needs to do something but it can’t. I hate it when I know I should be doing something right now at the office but I’m stuck at home, I need to be beating a deadline, I should be helping somebody out at work, I should be computing something at the moment, etc… I hate that feeling whenever I’m at home and I’m lying on my bed. I just hate it! Sick leaves are not like vacation leaves where it is planned, wherein I already have arranged stuff during my absence, tasks are delegated, and people know that I’m not around so nobody (well, some still do sometimes) bothers me.
Calling in sick, like real deal sick, because rest and BED is needed means that a lot of work is left undone, people not having any idea at all that I’m not feeling well. So some end up calling my personal phone, calling my husband and asking where I am. So yeah, I may be resting at home but I’m not resting like how I should be resting. Get it? So for me, sick leaves are kind of a bit of a hassle.
This has got to be the first year in my whole 5 years of working in a bank that I have called in sick for more than 5 times. Years before, I never called in sick (except for the two days during my second year of working wherein I got UTI. Ugh, bummer). But this year has got to be my weakest. Maybe because of a lot of major adjustments in my life since I got married last year.
I had to adjust to my new home which means a new environment. I used to live in Skyline where air was so fresh and aircondition was optional because of the cool breeze. Now, I live near a wharf wherein air is really hot so we need aircondition at home unless we wanna die. Lol. So I was not used to the artificial air and hence, my body reacted negatively. There were also lots of street children playing outside our house that sometimes I come in close contact with. And they are apparently carrying flu viruses so I catch those as well. Oh and let’s not forget about the heat. Like I said, I was used to natural cool breeze at my parents’ place. Now, the hot air gives me a lot of migraines. Yeah, I know..bummer.
It’s not only about adjustment, it’s about other natural factors as well. Like just recently, I had to call in sick because my menstrual cramps were at the worst as it has ever been. In my whole 27 years of existence, that was definitely the most painful cramps I have ever felt. You know how bad it was? I went to work at 8:30 in the morning, and had to call my husband to fetch me at around 10 am because I almost passed out in our office restroom. That’s how bad it was. And during the ride home, I was screaming and squeezing Mr. A’s arm in pain. I was so worried that I thought I was having a miscarriage because it was that bad but thank God it was just a period. But yeah, again, it was THAT BAD!

Oh and another thing I hate about sick leaves, is the amount of workload I have to do the next day. It’s times two! But despite all these sick episodes this year, I’m still thankful because I know I’m generally healthier than other people. These are just minor cases. Nevertheless, I’d love to have a sick free day next year. I will put that in my list of 2017 goals.

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