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Oh Manila traffic! I mean really, Manila has been associated with the word “TRAFFIC” for the longest time already. Whenever I go to Manila for work related training or just to visit my in-laws, it’s always “Hello Manila traffic. We meet again”. Who could blame me? That’s what I encounter each and every time I go there.

But to our surprise, the traffic in Manila is not just about the number of cars present in the Metro. Most of us don’t realize this but one factor that we sometimes fail to consider is that traffic is also caused by lack of parking spaces. Surprise, surprise! Yes, I think most of us fail to realize this one huh.
I’m not saying we should rule out the great number of vehicles owned or operated by Metro residents, nor also rule out accidents which also causes traffic, etc. There are actually a lot to mention on what causes traffic. But parking spaces is definitely one of them!

It’s a domino effect. Let’s think of a scenario here. Say for example a male employee with a car drives to work one day (It’s not coding day, by the way). So he arrives at the building where he works in but unfortunately, there’s no more parking space in that building. So he drives back to the road and looks for an empty parking space nearby to park his car. So because of this, he joins the number of car owners also on that same road probably looking for other parking spaces, causing a slight build-up of traffic. Ten minutes have gone by and still no parking. By this time, more car owners join him causing more traffic build-up which is heavier than ten minutes ago. After another ten minutes, the male employee finally finds a parking space but the catch is, it is located 5 kilometers away from the building he works in. Then apparently, the male employee is already late for work and has been late for work for most of the days of the year. Bad news: he got a memo for tardiness and missed that big promotion. Spell hassle. Spell bad luck.
Isn’t it ironic? The male employee brings a car to work for convenience but ends up being hassled instead. I know some friends of mine who even park at not so nearby hotels just for the sake of having a secured parking space and just walk to their work places.
This is where this new application comes in that is totally innovative and genius!
Dibz is a start-up company in the Philippines. It is a mobile application and online marketplace for parking that allows clients to search, reserve, and pre-pay for a parking space before he or she arrives at his or her chosen destination around Metro Manila. It is invented mainly to help drivers in search for parking spaces in their location of choice. This application also helps parking owners, like those who live in condominiums, rent out their parking spaces for those who probably work nearby, and earn money by helping out another person. Take note, parking space in condominiums is very expensive. So why not rent it out to others if not needed? This brilliant idea was thought of by two individuals by the names of Donald and Leeroy. They were waiting on a client when the client suddenly cancelled on them because Mr. Client couldn’t find a parking space. I’m sure Mr. Client didn’t mean to cancel on them but hey, you can’t just leave the car on hazard for a long time, right? Now that was the start of an entrepreneurial winning idea!

Let’s go back to Mr. Employee as what I’ve mentioned earlier and chance the scenario a bit. Mr. Employee brings his car to work. When he arrives at the building where he works in, there’s no more parking space. Now there is actually a high-end condominium just a few meters from Mr. Employee’s office. Mrs. Applebee happens to own a condominium unit there and also has a parking space but unfortunately, Mrs. Applebee’s son borrowed the car for a few months so her parking space in the condominium. So Mrs. Applebee decided to have her parking space rented out with the help of Dibz application. So Mr. Employee checks his Dibz application and spots Mrs. Applebee’s parking space. And he gets “dibs” on her parking space for two months. Mrs. Applebee earns from renting out her unused parking space, gets to help a citizen in need and as for Mr. Employee, no more tardy days and memos.

This is how Dibz works (taken from

Dibz is definitely one of the promising start-ups in the country right now. It definitely gives a win-win situation for both those who want to rent out their parking spaces, and for those who desperately need parking spaces. Everybody happy! Watch out for them. They are launching very soon.

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