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I have to admit that I am a skin food junkie. That means I am very much into trying out difference types of products that is all about skin care. I’m also the go to person of a few of my friends who need skin advice.
I’m not saying I’m an expert at skin care. But I guess I could say that I have learned a thing or two about skin care because I have been selling various skin care products for almost two years now. So I could really tell if a product is worth using or not. But of course, I try these products first before vouching for them.

I was given the opportunity to try out Derma Secrets. I used this for two weeks before writing this review in order to really see how it works with my skin.

What's Inside

First off, I will be talking about the Soap-Toner-Cream tandem. It is a must-do for women to follow the three basic steps in skin care every morning and every night. 1.) Wash face with facial cleanser or soap, 2.) Put on skin toner with the help of cotton or cotton puffs and 3.) Finish off with putting a pea sized amount of face serum or generous amount of face cream

For Derma Secrets, this is their three step must-do beauty regimen in color violet - Natural Beauty Soap, 60 second facial toner and the 5-minute beauty cream.
The timing for this review came in perfect because I was having a hard time with my messed up pimple scars that I have been trying to get rid of for a while now. 

So I tried these three for two weeks every morning and every night (never missed a regimen, by the way!) and I noticed that the pimple scars on my face became lighter. Here's a picture of my face that I took a couple of minutes ago.

The marks are still there but way lighter compared to how it was two weeks ago. What I like about these three is that their scent is not strong unlike other beauty products. Actually, their scents are sort of similar to that of light perfumes that I have smelled abroad.

The Natural Beauty Soap is really nice to apply because it is not harsh at all on my skin. I have tried soaps that have granules and end up irritating my face. But not this one. Also, it bubbles easily and doesn't melt fast.

What I noticed about the 60 Second Facial Toner is that (I guess from the name itself) it dries easily after applying it on a cotton puff.  So when I do so, I apply it immediately on my face and then I get some more of the toner and apply it on my neck. The toner doesn't sting so that's definitely a plus for me.

The 5-Minute Beauty Cream, same with the toner, dries up really fast. And I actually like it that way. I have tried beauty creams before that take AGES to dry up on the face and that gives me the impression that my face isn't absorbing any of it. But with the 5-Minute Beauty Cream, my skin immediately absorbs it and I really feel moisturized afterwards. I also get the feeling of having smoother skin and it
sort of gives a matte effect on the face.

Verdict: I love the Violet daily regimen collection (that's what I personally call it) and I like it that these are all packaged in the same color so that users will be able to distinguish what products to use to really apply religiously.

Aside from these three, I was also able to try the Slimming Body Soap. I used it on my stomach and thigh area. What I noticed is that there a tightening effect every after use of this soap, and I have the collagen and seaweed content to thank for that.

For the Gluta Whitening Soap, I asked a friend of mine to try it for me since I am already fair skinned and I wouldn't notice any difference if I used it. She has been using the soap for a week already and I personally noticed that her face actually started to get fairer and I noticed a certain glow on her. She loves the soap and same with me, she liked how smooth it is to apply on the skin and it's not like other soaps that damage the skin even more.

Derma Secrets is located at Bonifacio Street Davao City. They can be reached at 09177948382.

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