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It's funny how some people get surprised when they find out that I'm already married. Hello friends! Yes, from the name of my blog site, I am already married and I have been a Mrs. Angliongto since September 2015.

When Mark and I were planning our wedding last year, I told him that I didn't want a pre-nup photo session. For those who are not familiar, a pre-nup does not only mean a written contract signed by both parties before marriage but nowadays, it also refers to a photoshoot being done by the couple before their wedding. So yeah, I told him from the beginning that I didn't want to have that kind of photoshoot because honestly, I just wanted to get married, period. No need for the fancy shmancy parts that come along with it. But our photographers, Accredo Amor Productions, convinced us that a pre-nup photo session would be nice considering that these will form as part of the collection of photos that we will show to our children someday. Plus it was already part of the package we're paying for anyway, so we might as well do it.

Our pre-nup photosession took us three days to shoot and had a so-called "Part 1" and "Part 2". Part 1 was shot in Davao City while Part 2 was shot in my in-laws' farm in Malita, Davao Occidental.

Now I have heard some brides to be who have had trouble in thinking of what to wear during their pre-nup photo sessions. Some would even hire a wardrobe stylist. Thank goodness I didn't have the former, nor needed to hire the latter. I could say that picking my pre-nup outfits were a breeze. And not only my outfits by the way, but Mark's outfits as well. I have been asked many times as to how I thought of our pre-nup outfits. So I decided to make a blog post about it. 

A month before our scheduled pre-nup photoshoot, I was already brainstorming with my husband, together with our photographers, on the location of the shoot. When we already established where to have the photo shoot, it was from there that I was able to think of the proper outfits that would definitely go well with those locations. Mark and I decided to not be too casual about our clothing choices during the photo sessions sets, and we also decided that our outfits should at least match with each other because I have seen other couple photo shoots that wore very contrasting colors and were not a pretty sight to see. Sorry.

Here are our pre-nup photos

The Old Abandoned Sports Complex

This photo session (Part 1) took place at the old abandoned Sports Complex located in Maa, Davao City. Both Mark and I wore outfits that were majority of Royal Blue color. Mark's Long Sleeves and Black Vest were bought at NCCC Department Store while I rented this lovely two-piece gown from a student at Ateneo de Davao University for only Php 2,500. For me, the royal blue color was perfect in matching the aura of the sports complex to contrast the sort of eerie feels of the place. I also like how the blue pops out during the outdoor photo shoot along with the green and brown mix of the grass and the close to sundown sky that surrounded us. 

Classy Picnic

This photo session is the first set of our Part 2 Pre-nup. The setting was the Sunkist farm of Mark's Amah (grandmother). Again, mark and I wore blue but this time, we wore different hues of blue. This time, we made it more casual since we were at a farm setting. Mark wore a light blue shirt paired with white shorts that he bought from Gaisano Mall of Davao, while I wore a Navy Blue top (bought online) and paired it with my Tulle skirt (which I had reconstructed from an old gown). Like I said, we decided to make it more casual but not too casual by over dressing for a picnic setting. I didn't want to just wear a simple top and skirt for this one.

That 70's vibe

Mark recycled the vest that he wore from the Sports Complex Photo shoot and paired it with a Lavender Long Sleeved shirt that he also bought from NCCC Mall of Davao. I, on the other hand, wore a Violet long dress (borrowed from my friend) which also complements the color of what Mark is wearing ince Violet and Lavender both belong to the same Color Family. The setting was on a field and we wanted to add a sort of retro vibe. That sort of explains the huge earrings I was wearing and the colorful shades of Mark.

Crystal Blue Waters

This is definitely my favorite setting. This was taken on a private resort in Malita, Davao Occidental (which only a few people know about) and we basically had the whole place to ourselves that day. For this set, I wanted a formal themed shoot by the waters. That was why I was so confident in wearing this lovely Red Gown that I had made just for my pre-nup. Mark wore a Black Coat over a Hot Pink Long Sleeved shirt which he bought from NCCC Mall of Davao. The photographers gave me props for picking out the outfits that we wore to that set because the colors were just right for the blue waters, which can be seen in this perfect drone shot
Our outfits really made a statement in this shot. Oh and the water was just perfect! This is my favorite pre-nup picture. It was great that we wore formal clothes during this set. If we were both wearing beachwear or shorts or somethings like that, I don't think the photo would be as lovely as this one.

Green vs Quarry

These photos were taken at my inlaws' quarry site in Malita. I love how the quarry and the weather gives a desert feel. Trust me, it was freakin' hot! But that didn't stop Mark and I from wearing formal outfits for this set. Mark wore a Black Coat over a Bubble Gum colored Long Sleeved shirt bought from NCCC Mall of Davao, and I had this Halter Emerald Green gown made just for my pre-nup photo shoot. It's all about adding pop of colors to every background. And the colors of the outfits we picked really stood out. I love the fact that the clothes that we wore in this set didn't sink with the color of the background and the focus was mainly on the both of us. 

By the way, don't forget about choosing the right make-up artist to tag along during a pre-nup session. Those make-up touch ups are very necessary especially during extreme weather conditions. Plus the make-up should also complement the outfits being worn during the photo shoots.

Mark and I broke so many norms on pre-nup photoshoots. Instead of going for the cutesy, casual pre-nups, we decided to ditch casualness and break fashion barriers by wearing formal clothes unsuitable on certain places and weather conditions. Imagine, wearing a black coat and a formal gown under the heat of the sun? Nor wearing a tulle skirt while having a picnic at the farm? And wait! A Red gown in the middle of the sea? Yas! I did all of those for the love of creativity. And what makes it even more enjoyable is that the love of my life was totally GAME with all the outfit choices and the settings. 

Looking back at all these lovely pre-nup photos of ours, I could really say that I'm thankful that I did all these photo shoots, contrary to my first decision. I hope our future kid/s will find joy in looking at all these soon.

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  1. Inspiring photographs. Super nice Pre-Nuptial shots... Marlon A. did a very good job :D