By Athina Angliongto - 3:13:00 PM

So I came across this black head pore strip a few months ago and I decided to buy around 5 of these because I really like to "harvest" all my black and white heads. I bought these from a friend for 70 pesos each. But I can see this being sold now for only 50 pesos. At Divisoria, it's only for 12 pesos.

okay so it's not really a strip. more like a cream or black gel or something

The first one I tried was a total fail because I just put on a thin sheet of this. Turns out, I didn't put on the right amount. So after asking a few friends who already tried this one, this is what I learned

1.) One sachet is good for two uses

2.) Put thickly onto nose and chin

3.) Let it dry and possibly let it stay overnight so that the black and white heads will really stick on the cream

So I spread thickly on my nose and chin (half of the sachet) and let it sit and dry overnight. 

I just realized that it looks like I drew a bat on my nose. Ha Ha!

Results: When I removed the pore strip/cream whatever, I did see a few white heads along with it. But not as many were harvested as the pore strips that I buy from Watsons. But it seemed to get the job done.

Would I recommend it? Well, maybe for those who are on a tight budget I guess. But I like the real deal nose and chin strips being sold in Watsons so yeah, I won't be buying more of these any time soon.

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