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It was a Saturday that was filled with lessons and fun! – I was definitely honored to be one of the guests of the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit that was held in Home Crest Hotel, Davao City, Philippines. It was a whole day event that never had a dull moment in between.

I went to the summit with absolutely no idea with what was in store. But as the day progressed and various speakers were able to give their own talks and experiences about E-commerce, I definitely said that this was definitely applicable and it was something I can relate with.

To start off, let me first define what E-Commerce is. E-Commerce is where financial transactions are done online.  E-Commerce is definitely the next big thing. Okay, so let me scratch that… IT IS THE BIGGEST THING NOW! Many people may not notice it but a lot of us are already doing E-commerce. Simple transactions done online like buying and selling various items are already considered as E-commerce.

Why is it big nowadays? Well, studies have shown that out of a hundred percent of internet users, 51% of those are already buying stuff on the internet. That is basically what E-Commerce is all about. Aside from the exchange of goods online, getting services through the help of the internet is also considered as E-Commerce like finding a Grab Cab Driver, Online Banking Transactions and the like.

Another very important lesson that I learned in the summit is how important Bloggers are these days. I have been blogging for around 10 years already and even up to this day, I still get teased and mocked by people who call me as “Blaggir”. Most of these people don’t take me seriously and treat my love for blogging as a joke and waste of time. Of course I never let these people affect me but the summit really helped me understand more my importance as a blogger. You see, bloggers are very important because they are the people who really take time to write about things that matter. And bloggers can really be of great help to any company especially in giving reviews about their products to help sell these or also help in the critique process in making the products better. And as a blogger, we also have followers who value our reviews and our opinions. See, my role as a blogger is that important after all!
Speaker: Edrian Bautista of BlogAdia

I was also very impressed with the many new online platforms being pitched during the summit but various entrepreneurs. My personal favorite would have to be BlogAdia because it caters to both Bloggers and those who need the help of Bloggers.

E-commerce is now the biggest thing and will continue to rise and be bigger than it is today.
Photo by Jim Carlo Magnaye of www.digitaldavao.com

Special thanks to Mr. Edrian Bautista of BlogAdia for inviting the Davao Bloggers Society to grace the summit.

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