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I just noticed recently that I have been pairing my Kimono OOTDs with Choker necklaces. Well for some reason, I think that they are a good combination. What I like about chokers is that there's sort of an elegant vibe when I wear them or when I see girls sporting them. Who would have thought that something that used to have a negative connotation could turn out to be something so fashionable!

For this OOTD post, I combined two OOTDs of mine wherein I wore a kimono and paired it with a choker. Both chokers were bought from Divisoria on two separate shopping sprees. Let me tell you, Divisoria has loads of beautiful and inexpensive accessories! It's definitely a fashionista's haven.


WHAT I WORE: White Tank Top as Inner | Kimono Top: Maldita | Red Skorts: Bought Online | Emerald Green flats: SM Supermarket | Black Choker: Divisoria

Mr. A and I found another favorite spot to shoot my OOTDs. We chanced upon this wall that has Bruce Lee painted on it. Mr. A said the place was an old restaurant that already closed down but I wasn't familiar with the place.

For this particular weekend, I wanted to wear something colorful as my OOTD. So I wore this Kimono Top from Maldita. Actually, this wasn't originally an open kimono. This used to be a closed kimono top before I decided to have it cut in the middle to make it more like the kimono tops we now know today. I had this cut when I was in my first year in College (nine years ago!). That's what happens when I get bored with a certain wardrobe, I reconstruct it and make it like new.

The red skorts were definitely the perfect pair to go with the kimono. Their combination really spelled out "COLORFUL" which was what I wanted to achieve in the OOTD. Of course, the shoes was also picked to match the kimono.

After dressing up and looked at myself at the mirror, I still felt that something was missing. So I got the chokers that I recently bought from Divisoria and voila! Since there was a lot of skin in between the neck and the white top, it sort of looked bare. The choker made the look more complete, sort of like the missing piece to the OOTD puzzle.


WHAT I WORE: Safari Kimono | White top as inner | Tattered Jeans | Denim Slip Ons from SM Department Store | Kimono from Divisoria

So I was going for the feminine-slash-boyish look in this OOTD. The feminine side would be the upper portion of the whole look wherein I wore the kimono, the white top and the choker, boyish look thanks to the tattered jeans. 

I think I will make a separate post about how to style outfits with chokers. Or maybe do a Vlog about it in the future. I think that's a good idea. Don't you think? =)

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