By Athina Angliongto - 3:28:00 PM

WHAT I WORE: Jersey Dress (Cat Design) bought from my friend, Xiena | Light Blue Moccasins , Shoe Box from SM Supermarket

For those who know me or are my friends or follow me on social media, they know that Mr. A and I own a Persian Cat named Perdita. Oh yeah, Perdita is like all over my page. She even dominates my instagram stories. So maybe I am a bit of an addict when it comes to cats, most especially Perdita. Anything that has a cat design on it, take my money!

my sleeping Persian princess

Like this dress that I'm wearing. It's a jersey dress that has a cat design on it. I just had to have it, and it's a good thing that it fits. This dress is best worn with white sneakers but unfortunately, I have yet to clean my white sneakers because it is very dirty as of the moment. I was thinking of doing a tutorial on how to clean white shoes. I think I will do that on next time via a blogpost or a Youtube Vlog Tutorial. Anyway, the light blue moccasins were a savior. It's the only pair of shoes that I have that (by my standards) goes well with the dress.

Since the dress was a bit too short for Mr. A's standards (strict hubby alert! uh-oh), I decided to wear this Houndstooth shorts as an inner for the dress. After this, I got the hub's approval. Whew! #MrAapproves

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