By Athina Angliongto - 8:56:00 PM

Paparazzi shot by Mark Andrew S. Angliongto (Mr. A)

WHAT I WORE: Plain white shirt worn as an inner top: bought online | Houndstooth Romper: bought from my friend, Xiena | Brown boots: Divisoria

First of all, kudos to my husband for the awesome paparazzi shot! (even if I looked so tanga). Anyway, Mr. A and I went out with friends on this particular Saturday and I decided to wear the romper I bought recently from Xiena. I know, I know... another houndstooth piece on my closet but I can't help it. I really love the print.

white + houndstooth
I like wearing rompers for the fact that it's one piece. Like I don't need to think of a separate bottom to match my top because it's already both. But the downside of wearing rompers is when you have to go to the bathroom because everything has to be removed.

And where do I even begin about the boots? I thought I lost these babies! The last time I wore the boots was a few weeks before my wedding. I really thought I left these at my parents' house. Good thing I brought them with me to Mr. A's pad. Yeay!

I bought the boots during my first trip to Divisoria way back July 2014. When I first saw it, I fell in love and I knew I must have it. The price was 350 pesos but I was able to haggle it down to 300 pesos. There were other colors available like a black one and a royal blue one. But I chose this color instead because it is, in my opinion, easier to pair with other colors.

Since I didn't lose this pair of boots after all, I'm pretty excited to play with it in terms of mixing and matching it with my other outfits. Soon.

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