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WHAT I WORE: White Jumpshorts bought online | Shoes from Divisoria

Davao is back to its humid self after a streak of cold weather days. So here I am wearing white to neutralize the heat and make myself comfortable. White is definitely the go-to color of anybody especially during the hot weather.

For this particular Sundate, I decided to wear the jumpshorts I bought last year from my friend, Jackie. This is the first time I wore the jumpshorts and I found it the perfect day to do so since the weather was, again, a bit humid. The fabric of the jumpshorts was just what I needed that day – not too thick, not too thin either – enough to keep me cool on a hot afternoon.

The shoes were a great choice to go with the jumpshorts. And just like the jumpshorts, it was my first time to wear the shoes after buying it last month in Divisoria. Speaking of, I have yet to upload my Divisoria Haul and Vlog. I promise to do that at the end of this month. I still need to edit the Vlog though.

Anyway, back to the shoes. Would you believe I paid only 150 pesos for that? Oh Yes! Story telling time: I actually saw the same pair of shoes a couple of months back in one of the clothing stores in Davao City. But it retailed for like 300 plus pesos and it was a bit expensive for me and I know that the shoes are worth less than that. I decided to wait for a while before buying.  So when I saw the exact same style in Divisoria for 150 pesos – bought it on the spot without thinking twice. Good things really come to those who wait.

The long tie straps of the shoes are what attracted me the most. It sort of reminded me of ballerina shoes. Too bad this was the only color left on the store. If there were more, I would have bought them all! Hmmm… maybe next time.

Watch out for my Divisoria Haul Blog and Vlog. I promise to work on it the soonest.

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